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Inspirational Videos


Sitting at work drinking my Grow! Protien watching Blood and Guts on youtube....good times...


This particular Phil Hernon vid, for some reason, just inspires the hell out of me.



At work, so can't view or UL stuff, but my fav is 'Best of Kevin Levrone' on youtube. I watch that thing everyday on my Ipod at the gym -lol.



At first I didn't quite understand. Then I got the jist. Then I wikipedia'ed these guys. Holy shit - that is inspirational. What an effort. Good job, I've got a job interview in two hours and this pumped me up for it. Thanks.

PS. The guy graduated from university too. Fucking hell. I don't think I'd have had that kind of fortitude. Amazing.

EDIT: 238 triathlons! 68 marathons! SIX ironman distances. Freakish determination and endevour.


It's Nike commercial, but it's great:


Another Nike one...if my nose weren't all stuffed up and I think I have bronchitis again (shit, I'm breaking the rules of my previous commercial!) then I'd go for a run.




tashard choice. Much respect, even though I'm a Giants fan and hate him now.


This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. when you finish it, you feel like you just watched a movie.






nice! Great video!


There is a few videos about this but i think this the best one.