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Inspirational Video


I still have a soul




awesome vid.


Awesome. HBO has too much money ha.


HBO does it right.


This is another great fuckin one.


And let me tell you, as a writer myself, I give these cats a lot of credit. To think of that comparison between boxers fighting under them flashing lights and the "Neon Graveyard".... what a fucking metaphor that is.


great vid thanks Irish.


Not a fan of the video.


Thanks for bumping this post. Really enjoyed the videos Irish. In case anyone did not see the fight, or forgot how good Mayweather is here are highlights from HBO sports.

The highlight also reminds me, I loath Larry Merchant. Really. I would rather Triumph the insult comic dog disparages the sweet science with his commentary than have to put up with Merchant. Larry Merchant makes me less critical of Mike Goldberg in the UFC. That is like defending Hitler as a passable artist. It shouldn't be done. Anyone bad enough to warrant such a comparison should limit their commentary to mimining...over the radio. Just my opinion.


Have you even seen any of Hitler's paintings? It's better than the crap that passes for art these days.


Haha ol' vodka breath.

Yeah he really should have been fired years ago.


Who the fuck cares? You been here for a week bumping one old thread after another. Find something useful to do.


another fantastic one. 24/7 is fuckin ridiculous


Another good one Irish. It appears HBO has the entire Pacquiao vs Cotto up on Youtube. Here is the link in case the 24/7 does its job and makes people want to watch a great fight.

So, sort of on topic: Will we ever get to see Mayweather Jr. vs Pacquiao?