Inspirational Vid w/ Wendler

There’s a video on Jim’s site of a kid with Cerebral Palsy, shows him working out, and talking about his drive to overcome. than I come over here and here people bitching about minor crap. I’ve saved this video to my favorites, so I can watch it every morning, and remember how great I have it.

I’ll try to drag it over here, but I’m not very good with computer, if sombody else can do it please. the more people to see this, I think the better. sometimes we forget what a great gift it is, just to be able to train.

Hope this helps!

Thanks I was trying for half an hour, wouldn’t upload, This video makes me grateful for all that I got. If anyone is interested in such a thread, there’s all kind of shit like this around the internet. makes us realize how good we have it. I know there’s a guy who climbed Mt. Everest with no legs, walking on his arms. thanks Jim for making my day.

I remember seeing this and its just makes you thankful for all the little things you hardly thing about everyday.

Fucking epic, thanks for sharing.

Good vid, thanks

this is awesome
thanks for sharing

reposted…awesome story

Yeah I think Tate reposted when I saw it. Great stuff.