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Inspirational Reading Suggestions


What books / literature / videos / authors (pick one) that you have read over recent years have had the greatest impact/influence on your health and wellness; why would you recommend this, and to whom? What caveats, if any, apply?

I'm looking to see what other "great" readings there are, so I can try to add to my meager knowledge base.


What: Abs Diet, authored by (essentially) the magazine "Mens Health" . Stop laughing at the back...

Why: I was a 196 LB slug, with probably >35% fat, cholesterol numbers off the scale, and not much chance of seeing my 50th birthday. This book changed me into a non-slug; currently 175 LB and about 15% bf, with maybe a chance of living longer.

Whom: Any middle-aged slug that's either never heard of "fitness" or simply thinks it cannot apply to them, because they feel they are "past it".

Caveat: get onto the web ASAP - there are much better training methods out there, especially on here (and they don't pay me to say that).



arnolds encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding


"Lance Armstrong: It's not about the bike", by Lance Armstrong, who else.



Fitness Rx is a good mag. Men's Health is okay, but Fitness Rx has imho more hard science and many invaluable articles on T-levels, etc.