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Inspirational PL/Strongman Sub-200 lbs


Cheers folks, hope you're all doing well and feeling good!

I've been trying to read up and find some videos of good and accomplished Strongman and Powerlifters that are weigh in below 200 lbs... I am really passionate about the strength game and while I love reading and watching about guys like Kaz and the like, I am looking for folks who are more close to where I aim to be, around my weight which is usually no higher than 195 lbs.

I have watched some very impressive videos of Alexey Sorokin and Jose Castillo but that's about it. I know the true legends of the sports are the massive guys, but they don't even have to be famous guys. Just accomplished and inspirational!

I'd greatly appreciate your assistance on this folks! All the best!


Ed Coan?


Eddie competed at 220s I believe....


True but he started out at 165 and set records, some of which still stand along the way. According to powerlifting watch he still holds the deadlift records in every weight class from 181-242's for raw.


Brian Schwab. Dude is one of the strongest bastards in the world at 145-165 (believe he competes at 165 these days). Also, his form for each lift is pristine.


Some stuff to go on here. Thanks alot guys!


I'll be taking a spin at the 181 world record squat in April hopefully depending how my recovery goes (herniated disc a month ago). I wouldn't say I'm inspirational by any means though, just a decent squat. If you're looking for someone really inspirational check out 2-scoops log on here. He's beastly.



*2 on 2-scoops he's a really strong mofo. For the op, if you don't know who he is here is a link to his log.


LM, how much is that you are going to make a run for? I haven't seen many of your videos recently. Hope that injury heals quickly as well dude.


601 is current tested/no wraps record. 606 is current tested/with wraps. We'll see how recovery is going and where I stand but I'd like to take a try at the tested/no wraps record (what I consider truly raw). Pre injury I had a solid 555 for a single and things were going great in my training. I might be a bit ambitious right now to think my training would have gotten me there as quick as April but I like to think I'm really starting to find what works for my body. If not April, then sometime in 2012. I haven't been putting a lot of videos up my flip camera died on me about 4 months ago and I haven't gotten around to buying a new one (apparently they're not going to be made anymore?). Also going to try some actual lifting shoes out. Once my injury is up I get to use my SSB from EFS too! Of course it showed up on my doorstep the day after I herniated my disc and it's just been sitting there staring at me begging to be used.


Damn dude, that's got to be frustrating. Depending on how far back your injury put you, a 50-100lb jump is certainly feasible within 6 months. I'll be following for sure.


jay "bench only" fry :

770 bench at 161 i believe

(weight might be higher not too sure)


Mike Bridges:



Big ben on here competes at 198-220 and is ridiculously strong. He just pulled 705x2 @202

@ about 1:15


^good lord, thats impressive


You should check out his log. He's been posting for some months now.


Wade Hooper has won the IPF Worlds as a Jr, Open, and Master's lifter.


how much is that?


At least 716. I'm not sure what the black plates weigh though.


thats impressive . hats off to that one .