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Inspirational Pictures


Haven't seen one of these in a while.....

I posted this in my log but it's worth posting here too. It's apparently a couple guys in some remote part of Africa. They don't have a gym so they gathered parts from burnt out cars and started lifting. After looking at this picture I want to go wrestle a bison and eat it alive.


love this one too


not really lifting related, but I liked this one


waits for someone to post picture of my ass with the caption "this inspires me to never bulk"


Thats awesome.

Personal favorite of mine..


I'm inspired to NOT get to the point of looking like this.

Sorry dude. Just had to!



That's awesome. Going to make this my new computer wallpaper.


Here is a pretty sweet motivational speech by Arnie set to an epic slide show of him back in the day.

Can't figure out how to embed it, unfortunately, so here's the link:


I have a metric fuck ton of Arnie motivational pictures and shit, but I'll wait until my posts don't lag so damn long before dumping.


Never saw this one before??? Deadly pic


Another good Arnold one..




my friends always send me this one >.> jerks



OMG picard HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhh i just spit water out all over my face