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Inspirational Music


Hey guys,

Im a 35 yo thats just starting to try to get fitter and stronger. I live in Australia (dont hold that against me) lol.

Im looking for some really good music that will get me MOTIVATED whiulst im either doing weights or Cardio.

Ive been pretty big since i had my tounsils out at about 6 and i have grown since then. My diet sucks as theer was plenty of long night shifts for 10 years and im have plenty of strength but no real stamina and i want to get rid of my KEG.(NOt spare tire).

I find that i get really hammering and push my self with good music that gets me goin.

So was wondering what keeps you al motivated whilst doing your workouts.




I like the song "Terminator" from Sevendust, and "Determined" from Mudvayne. Warning though, make sure you only listen to those songs while at the gym. It may cause you to harm civilians if used anywhere else.


A recent thread along the same lines.


yeah just do a search..this has been talked about over ten times.

But to add some quick ones..

Cradle of Filth
A Perfect Circle
Death From Above
The Muse
Arcade Fire
Social Distortion


He said he wanted insipring not depressing.


sepultura coal chamber metallica bernard Fanning reminds me of what i dont want to be where abouts in oz are you


Actually he said Motivating. But c'mon, what's depressing about Social Distortion? :slight_smile:


Chutney (Size 9 Reinterpretation)
Move - Smith & Selway
I'll Shove - Colt Systems
Step Back - Slam
Dirty Bitch - Ian Void
Ultimahora - Mauro Picotto


What's inspirational to you?
Heavy Metal?
Celine Dion?

Give people an idea of what makes you want to move.

XXX movie soundtrack has a lot of good stuff in it.


Arch Enemy - nemesis.


Rage Against the Machine. Driving jagged guitar, great rhythm, and practically the best songwriting of the 90s. Here are some lyrics, and realize that they are seamless in the songs - they don't bog down the songs just because of their politically charged content, in fact they are incredibly energetic. I think it doesn't get better than rage for pump-up music. You get motivated and pumped but you actually get pissed off because they're so right about inequality, etc!

What we don't know keeps the contracts alive and movin'. They don't burn the books they just remove 'em.

Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes, not need, just feed the war cannibal animal, I walk the corner to the cemetery that used to be the library.

Stroll through the shanties and the cities remain. Same bodies buried hungry but with different last names. Pick a point on the globe, yes the picture?s the same.

A bank, a church, a myth, a hearse, a mall, a loan, a child dead at birth. A white hooded judge and a syringe and a vein. A field full of slaves some corn and some debt. There?s a ditch full of bodies, the check for the rent. A mass without roofs, a prison, a jail.


AC/DC, Back in Black

The last gym I attended had a group of "Rocky" fans (the trainers), so I have had my fill of Eye of the Tiger up to my eyeballs.


Born from pain
Son Of Skam
Full Blown Chaos
Cold As Life
Santa Sangre



Children of bodom
In flames
old Metallica
Dying fetus
Shadows fall


Slayer, Black Flag, Rage against the machine, Sepultura...



I always Rise of Brutality playing on my ipod on the way to the gym. Good fast, aggresive hardcore!


You only need one band... RAMMSTEIN


Nickelback - Animals


Hearts on Fire- Rocky IV soundtrack
...on repeat, every time i jump rope