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What are yours?

I just saw the thread on paralyzed bodybuilding so obviously bulldogtor & 4est.


also the mighty stu, because he's a normal guy and a nattie but just shows us how hard work + intelligence is guaranteed to produce results.



Because if I don't inspire myself, there's no way someone else will do it for me.


I don't like looking up to people, you are just setting limits on yourself.


Cool quote bra


I don't think looking up to people has anything to do with that. Maybe you could elaborate why you feel that way?


Our own Alpha here at T-Nation, for about 10 different reasons.


I just avoid relying on anyone/looking up to anyone whenever possible.

Especially when it comes to the gym, as long as I am giving it everything I have I don't need to look up to anyone. Thats why I go to the gym as well, it's just you against yourself.

Why would I look up to arnold or ronnie? If anything I want to surpass that and be better (even if it is impossible).

I will look to people for advice, but that is about it.


that sounds like a really bad ass attitude, but you know you do look up to people, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Not even bodybuilding per say, even academics, great leaders, friends, family, etc...


There's no reason why looking up to someone would limit your ability to strive for more than that.

I mean I feel like it should be "Look at what that person did, they know what they are doing - I'm going to listen to their advice and try to be the best I can be too", and I don't see what's limiting about that.


I think there are several memebers with alot of info that I will always read their posts but I like to see a pic of a successful BB. There are few who have pics on their profile, so I have to mention the ones who do: Prof X, Stu,Onemorep,and WaylanderX are the first to come to mind. I am sure there are others I just don't remember or haven't seen there pic.


x2. You basically look for someone when you research about training, nutrition and all bodybuilding endeavors, because people wrote that content. We learn from others, and there should be an environment of interaction between developed individuals and nondeveloped aspirants.

What I think you mean is that you gather the data, then think for yourself.


agreed. and he doesn't use 600 supplements a month which are "mandatory" for progress