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Hi, I thought I would start an inspiration thread. I don’t know if you guy’s saw the movie “the pursuit of happiness” pretty inspiring story. It would be cool to read story’s like that but about training.

What did you do because you were passionate about your sport that was considered crazy to do but you did it anyway, was it driving each day 90 min to the gym, was it training at night because you didn’t have other time? was it all the money you spent? Tell your sacrifice folks.

It would also be cool to have the writer put the sacrifice they had to do in other to become the coach that they are right now.

so tell your story folks.


Oh man pursuit of happiness was definaetly one of my favourite movies this year. real good.
As for me…i taught myself everything bout training from reading lots of books I bought at elitefts. I probaly have about 500+dollars in books on training. I got a job in gr.10 and worked 40 hours a week + went to highschool to buy all my books to get training knowledge, after that I bought a power rack and weights etc.

I’ve woken up at 5:30am to eat 9 whole eggs for breakfast, toast, OJ the works. Breakfast would take me until 7:15am to finish, which gave me 15 minutes to make lunch for school and then go on my bus.
I don’t know how many times I’ve felt so sick at school from eating so much, asking to go to the bathroom so many times during the day in school, teachers think I’m “up to something” lol.
Training instead of chillin with friends. The list is definaetly endless.

Also I’d train at school everyday for 1 hour when I had that job because I’d come home and then 30 min. later go to work and come home at 12. Then do it all over again, only 5 hours of sleep a night for a longass time.
I recently bought a texas power bar. I’m in gr.12 now. I’d say everything has paid off for me. I have a complete setup in my basement and life’s great, and everything is where I want it to be.