Insomnia/Sleep Difficulties

Any good tips on how to get rid of this shit? Im 22 and this is affecting my health.

Last week for example I went out Friday, had a few drinks and went home pretty early. I fucking could not get to sleep. I finally went to sleep at around 9.00. Right now it’s tuesday and I’ve maybe slept 6 hours in the last 48 hours and none in the last 24 hours.

Usually Im feeling good and healthy thanks to my diet and training but right now this shit is fucking with me. And it’s not the first time either. Do I need to entirely exhaust myself at the gym or work to be able to get enough sleep? This shit is so irritating, today for example I have to miss BJJ which I was very much looking forward into.

Melatonin is illegal here btw.

I’ve had problems sleeping as long as I can remember, nothings really worked. I heard a lot of people like ZMA and Z-12 (or whatever its called, I haven’t checked out the store in awhile) but for me they just seem to make me restless and keep me up longer, worth a try though, everyone’s different.

The only things that really help me are beer and/or weed. Not sure if you got access to weed over there, but I know you got beer.

Also an hour before you go to bed or so try reading.

[quote]Mutu wrote:

Also an hour before you go to bed or so try reading. [/quote]

This man!

I had it horrible, now when I can’t sleep I read. Mental fatigue FTMFW!

[quote]Voeoe wrote:

Melatonin is illegal here btw.

Serious? That’s fucked up!

Alcohol can actually keep you up, i know it has that affect on me. Weed helps a ton tho


Alcohol can help, depending on what type it is and how it affects you. Weed helps. I find a combination of alcohol and weed (doesn’t need to be a lot of either) REALLY works.

I tried GABA once a while back, it seemed to help me sleep deeper, but that may just be placebo effect.

Reading helps me, too, along those lines, playing my DS helps. I have a lot of strategy/role playing games that I find very fun, but when it’s time to go to sleep, they tend to make me drowsy more quickly.

You could also try a cold/flu nighttime drowsy medicine, that may help. Like the weed and alcohol, you shouldn’t make a habit of it. Just use it as a fix for that night or maybe a couple nights, but if you start doing it every night, you’ll become dependant on it to get to sleep and you don’t want that.

Have you tried sex or choking the chicken?

  1. Benedryl as a short-time solution. Don’t do this for very long.
  2. No TV, computer, anything electronic for 2 hours before bed. Read a book.*
  3. Make your room cool (temperature wise)
  4. No food 2 hours before bed — or a little whole milk just before bed
  5. Get up at the same time every day.
  6. Make your room 100% black dark.
  7. Change the time you exercise, do it in the AM if possible
  8. No caffeine, smoking, or other stimulants after lunch to bed. Coffee in the AM, however, is a good thing for a good night sleep.
  9. Alcohol should be no more than 2-3 drinks, and finish at least 2 hours before bed.

— Mrs. Jewbacca

  • And I mean a book, with pages. NOT a kindle or iBook, iPad or anything with a lit computer screen. It messes with you visual cortex and keeps it running too fast as you try to sleep. Number one new cause of insomnia.