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Insomnia Since Starting TRT


It’s been 4 years. Yah I know. Hormones fudged. She went On a Keto diet and lost weight. However irs obvious it did not help the mental and physical … I wish she would get tested. Her mother had thyroid cancer… for god sakes if my mother had that; I’d be getting full blood work done annually and supplementing as needed.


I hear ya brother. But seriously, I won’t speak for your particular situation, but my wife was a stay at home mom of two very hyperactive boys. I would go to work and she would stay with them all day. I never got it. I always thought that she had it easy cause I was the one that had to go and bust my ass all day. She just had to watch two kids and clean a little, and god forbid maybe cook a meal every now and then.

Damn what a dumbass I was. I can tell you, when I decided to look at things from her perspective just a little bit, and start working just as hard at home to help my wife as I did when I went to my job everyday…shit…there’s not a day that goes by when my wife doesn’t make some kind of comment about how sexy she thinks I am. We have sex every day, sometimes twice a day. She just wants to be appreciated bro. She wants to have the marriage she always dreamed about when she was a little girl. No, not the whole “white knight” bullshit…I’m talking about the whole relationship thing. When you get it, you’ll get it!!


Thanks that makes sense.

Maybe the problem is that I work from home most of the time and clean; watch kid… she’s annoyed and sees me too much zx

woman bro. They speak sign language don’t they… sorry I can’t read ur mind honey… haha


Lol! It may be that she is annoyed.

Try this for shits and giggles…next time your working from home, assuming you can line up a sitter for the kid, or if he/she goes to preschool or school…in the middle of the day when she least expects it…turn off your computer, walk over to her and grab her by the ass hard. Then kiss her as affectionately as you can and tell her, “I’m going to fuck you until you cum so hard that we’re going to need to wash the sheets”.

See where that gets you…

Be careful though…that one may back fire on you if she’s feeling completely neglected. If that’s the case, then spend some time doing the cushy shit. Stop what you’re doing and take her out to lunch (turn your phone off). Show her she’s the most important thing to you at that moment.


Haha I will try this. And if it backfires I’m sending her to your home haha…


Lmao!! You gotta figure out if she misses being the object of your desire, or the object of your affection, or both. Either way, it’s up to us to fix the gap bro. That’s why we have the dick. Everything is on us!!


Right… everything… pressure loll


Maybe I need to document this to be sure. Even if I don’t eat right before bed, I’ve seen my belly huge.


My wife is a teacher and it’s a stressful job. We have sex every weekend but I know most of the time she does it for me. Though she cums all the time. She not horny to start but once we start she wants it.

I asked once if she can initiate sometimes she told me she likes when I do because she wants to feel wanted. So I gather if she feels wanted during other times she will want it.

BTW we have sex in the am usually. IDK why but my dick is so much ready in the am. Even though am on trt.


See man… my wife doesn’t think like that: I have always been in good shape and I am pretty good to her. It’s not like I got married then turned into a fatter version of myself. Far from it.:: honestly your a lucky man. She’s a keeper.

My brother says it’s normal. There all crazy. Here’s my proof hombres. Two guys with wives who give a F about their husbands.

Well I’ve been pretty much been begging and politely asking / referring/ teasing/ joking for 2 years. She won’t give it up. I told her I can’t last much longer.eventually those girls that hit on me will eventually be granted and you better not wonder why. I need to get this woman to talk with a doc or someone to make her realize what she’s doing before I jump ship.

Now on Testasterone. Bro I’m crying for it. Not cool.

Morning evening night. Doesn’t matter for me. However mornings are a bit better. Late nights as well.


Does she not want sex at all? When was the last time.

What does this mean?

BTW sometimes I wonder about going somewhere just for head. But I have resisted so far.
How old r u?


Sometimes when am laying down to sleep , you know the feeling where you are in the verge of sleeping, well sometimes I like wake up from that verge and I feel like I can’t breathe or here my heart beat.
Anyone else?


That sounds like a normal flight reflex from being jolted out of an “almost” sleep state.

Happens to me all the time.


If this is the case, and you treat her as well as you say you do, then you may have a bigger problem on your hands brother. Not saying that you DO have a bigger problem, but I would start paying close attention to details. Does she stay on her phone texting a lot? Are there times when her whereabouts are in question? That type of thing.

Not trying to bring you down a dark road, but a complete cutoff / lack of interest could be a bad sign.


I’m 40. It’s been a couple years since we’ve had. She just doesn’t want to. She makes excuses… I think somethings up.

I’m referring the two posts earlier where you guys said ur wives are open to pleasing their husband. Not “it’s all about me”…

My next step is to get us a psychologist so that we can discuss this without getting frustrated. Hopefully that brings us back to a healthy understanding …


Holy crap. That is a long time. Very good of you if you have not cheated. So what’s her answer when you want to have sex?

You have kids?

So you got your brother to talk to? Anyone else?


You need to play detective… Something may be up.


I actually thought about that… I have looked at who she is speaking to and texting and it’s jsut girl friends. I think she is simply unhealthy. She hasn’t come out of her depressive state since she got pregnant. After pregnancy she didn’t go to the gym, or eat right for 3 years. Starting last year she lost weight a keto diet , but hasn’t physically taken care of her self. I suspect she has some serious imbalances and will not look into them. Post pregnancy depression (what’s it called again) is what she has. Some woman simply cannot get past this stage properly.


This. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership. Two way street. Transparency is a huge part of that partnership. Ask her if you two can swap phones for a while. That will tell you a ton right there.


Dude I mean you should at least be getting a hand job.

Eat her out. Tell her to relax on the bed and make you please her.

Taking to girlfriends…I knew someone years ago his wife got a job at a department store. Down hill from there. She started going out most of her friends were divorced. So they got divorced soon after her new job.