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Insomnia Since Starting TRT


I try for bloat. I just diluted 2 tablespoons. Not bad. I can drink bad tasting stuff. Wife will not probably why she does not swallow -

Anyway may try pills for wife for some weight loss.




Does anyone have anecdotal (or not) reports of ACV making ejaculate taste better just as pineapples do? Obviously can’t ask @charlie12 LOL!


Not exactly “slow digesting”. You may want to drop the honey as you are spiking your blood glucose a bit just before you’re trying to go to sleep.


You making me jealous…I see…:joy::joy:
Am lucky my wife sucks the first 2 inches.


I heard that Ron White’s wife is working on a patent for a formula that makes semen taste like chocolate!!


Terrible gag reflex? Or should I say, incredible but terrible FOR YOU? LOL


what usually means if its low?


I think it’s too wide… And long


He’s got a cheese wheel!!! Lmao!!


It’s not her favorite thing. But she does it once a week 4 me.

She makes me scrub that dick till it’s numb B4 she does her thing.


No cheese. Am clean.


You’d have to have understood the Ron White comment before to get the “cheese wheel” joke.

I’d definitely recommend watching some of his stuff if you’ve never seen it.


Ok. She says her jaw hurts…I say you need to do it more often so the muscles get use to it. It is thick though…

Ok enough of this.
To any single guy. Get as much as head as you can now…


I starting eating right before bed. Almonds and walnuts. They have a good amount of tryptophan to help sleep.

But I think it will make me gain weight. Rather take pills. May just do the magnesium gly.
I am not looking to gain weight to body build.


If you’re scared you’re going to gain weight from the extra calories, either cut a few during the day, or work out a little harder and make sure that extra is going to building muscle. If you want to guarantee that any weight you gain is in the form of fat, then the best method there is to stop doing whatever you’re doing to make sure you sleep well. Lack of sleep is a fast track to fat gain via stress functions in the body.


My number one complain now is bloat. Seems like anything I eat. I look pregnant right now right before bed.

Someone suggested glutamine I may try.

It’s air bloat I believe.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t glutamine a supplement for intestinal health? If that’s correct, then it doesn’t sound like it will help what you’re describing. It sounds more to me like you’re experiencing gas in the stomach if you’re seeing that effect immediately after eating. It takes more time for the food to actually be pushed down into the intestines, so if that was causing your issue I would expect that you would see the issues a few hours after eating, not immediately.

If that’s the case, you may want to try tums or something similar to see if that helps.

Edit to add…I’m making the “immediate” assumption based on the fact that you said you started eating right before bed, and your last post stated that you are bloated right now just before bed. Apologies if that assumption is incorrect.


What’s the secret dude. My wife did when we got married. She got pregnant and sex whisked away with the air.:: I think I need to inject her with t middle of the night and bring her labido on the same level as mine.


This happens a lot. I can tell you that after raising two boys and going through this in my own life…SHE’S FUCKING TIRED!!!