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Insomnia Since Starting TRT


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Insomnia dose of trazodone is 50mg.


Yep - he is on 30mg of Mirtz which is higher than a typical insomnia dose (typically 7.5mg).


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This is usually a reputable source



TRAZODONE has been working wonderfully for me now for a few weeks. Finally I’m getting sleep.

And I’ve tried everything.


@pilchard Brother i am from U.K like you & on the same T.R.T Testosterone which is Sustanon 250, but i can tell you taking you’re shot after 7 or 8PM in the evening will definitely keep you up later probably because of propionate ester kick in so fast.

T.R.T in general does not cause any INSOMNIA at all what so ever in every study out there. It’s how late you take your shots i believe too.

Say you was taking Cypionate very late in night i can’t see that causing any insomnia because the ester is very low release, however since we both taking Sustanon & when i took mine after 8PM i noticed i couldn’t sleep until about 2AM also. It’s definitely propionate or could you set your self up in a odd pattern too. Likely to do with that what i had mentioned.


Also another great way around lowering ESTROGEN levels (female Hormone) when on T.R.T therapy in your body is to lower your actual body fat. How do you do that? Exercise more, try to cut down saturated fat in your weekly meals if you can, and Drink Cider apple vinger it tastes RANK but the health benefits will thank you, it speeds up metabolism rapidly while stripping your fat cells.

Myself being smaller guy now in weight, my fat is less, that’s the aim less body fat, Estrogen has not much to hold onto.

You don’t need to be SHREDDED Mr Olympia either to lower estrogen, just generally LEAN.


… I am also depressed, so I guess I need a higher dose to combat the depression. I’m really hoping the Mirt side effects will wear off


I use to take ACV daily, it definitely works on the fat, it just seems to melt it away… I will order some more!


What’s ACV?




Sorry what do u mean with the mother haha… and helll no I am not drinking that shit… gahhhh bro…: I can almost puke looking at it

I had my gallbladder removed and had to drink this shit to help me with gallstones…


Tablespoon a day in a big glass of water. It’s all right. Did you drink it pure, no dilution? :scream:


Ahhh man it’s amazing stuff, read up on it


Yah I was just chugging it. Small amounts. I had horrendous pain … this helped a little. I eventually got the gallbladder taken out and that’s history.

So when you say melts fat. How much fat. Are you moving weight or endurance or jsut good diet with this acv


I know. I am very lean and I loose fat quick. I have a few lbs of fat around the tummy due to this damn low T shit… if it really works that well I might try. I know it is a very beneficial product for overall health. Used for many things.


I did a little experiment yesterday morning and took more Testosterone E than I usually take (which is about 160mg a week spread across too injections). I was up for pretty much most of the night! Totally buzzed and my heart was higher. I can’t say it was caused by the TRT, but I can say it was correlated with me taking more T than I usually do.

I find it interesting that people say that TRT improves sleep but for me it has had no effect - if anything, I think my sleep has been a little worse since starting. But my energy levels have been much higher. I’m staying on it as I feel much better than I did previously. Just got to sort my sleep out!


How about the capsules they sell?

100% Natural Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Pills (1500 mg | 120 Capsules) Pure Apple Cider Vinegar with Cayenne Pepper for Fast Weight Loss Cleanse, Appetite Suppressant, & Bloating Relief


Nature’s Truth Apple Cider Vinegar 1200 mg., 180 Capsules


What time of day is best to take it?


Sorry fellahs, I’m only familiar with the bottled/liquid ACV. I just take it whenever I feel like a tall glass of water.