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Insomnia Since Starting TRT


I second Trazodone.


I’m on mirtazapine which has a similar action as Trazodone, the mirtazapine doesn’t really work so would be surprised if trazodone would help me


Cant hurt to try.


Yeah I totally agree. For now though I plan to do one thing at a time, firstly getting the E2 in check, once this is sorted then it’s one thing to tick off the list.
I have just added tryptophan at night time and I did get some sleep last night so I am going to continue with this also.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a herbalist and in April an appointment with a psychiatrist, small steps to getting well …


My E2 was 60! If it’s still high in 4 weeks time then I either need to try EOD injections OR give in and take aromasin which my doc wants me to do anyway although he wants me to take 12.5mg EOD which I think is quite a lot, not sure though, I was gonna cross that bridge when and if I have to, the guys on here are my source of info


60 using sensitive?

That prob why you’re not sleeping


We don’t have sensitive E2 test in the UK.

What would you do about it if you were in my shoes? As mentioned I’m 2 weeks into a new protocol but in 4 weeks time if it’s still high… what would you do? AI ?


I was reading about Adriano fatigue earlier and your symptoms sound just like Adriano fatigue. You did mention this before right.


Man you’ve been dealing with this a long time. I’d jsut pop a pill and start working on the micro dosing. I’m one for immediate relief. I can’t stand the fatigue I got from e2 issues.


Not heard of this, I will google it !


How would you microdose aromatase? My doc wanted me on 12.5mg EOD


If you do have high e2 issues it should relieve your sides quick. Instead of waiting weeks longer.
One dose probably won’t do much damage unless your body overrespinds like some do. You can try to take a small amount by breaking the pill up . If it’s a capsule just twist it open and remove half of 3/4th and take the rest on the tongue or put it back in the capsule , close it off and ingest.


Hmmm I can’t find a single thing regarding Adriano fatigue


Adrenal fatigue sorry. One sec.


I have got 25mg tablets


I’ve never taken that medicine so not sure. Surely someone will Run across this and tell you how to break it up. Maybe try a pill cutter? Just eye it and use a razor. Your taking much less than prescribed anyways.


Thanks for the link, I’m sure I’ve read about this before but I don’t think it’s an easy fix.

Would you take a quarter of the 25mg tablet and if so how often?


If it was anatsrazole I’d take a small dose once and see if I have any relief. That’s if I am 10000% sure it’s high e2 that’s causing my issues. If that doesn’t work I’d take another small dose the day after… it will surely lower e2 in a man and you will eventually feel better. I think your medicine works differently and kill the e2 already built up in the system.


I really don’t know whether to wait 4 weeks to see where I am at or just go for it with the AI , like I said I did lower my dose so I am not entirely sure where the E2 is at this moment in time


How do you feel better?