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Insomnia Since Starting TRT


Hey mate, you are going through the same thing as me, exactly!!!

I have been worried to exercise on no sleep as I don’t want to run my body into the ground. I am now accepting the fact that I am no longer able to sleep, last night I achieved around 3 hours of broken sleep, I just feel wide awake and alert whilst laid there, I just cannot switch off.

I think the psychologist idea is a good shout, things with me are escalating out of control. I also believe my problem is anxiety related or fuelled by anxiety. I literally worry about everything.

I use to be a great sleeper, 8-10 hours easy, no problem. I don’t know what has happened.
When I exercise I am immediately worrying if I am going to trigger the illness that follows. Swimming a few weeks ago completely wiped me out, terrible insomnia. I’m totally depressed with my current situation and cannot see a way out.


Yep same symptoms. The only difference is that I haven’t involved antidepressants. I have, however, tried every supplement under the sun! (Oh actually I did try low dose mirtz at night to sleep, but it caused restless leg syndrome, and i think the thought of being on a psychiatric drug spiked my anxiety, so I stopped after 2 weeks)

You said that you accept that you won’t sleep. Try accepting that even IF you don’t sleep, you will still be able to function and cope the next day. Make plans to see friends, go to the gym, walk the dog, etc. You should execute on these plans regardless of how you are feeling. Force yourself to do so. This will breakdown the belief that insomnia (and your condition in general) is ruining your life. It will, I believe, help with you depression, too, which is merely a product of all the stress and fatigue and worry that you are experiencing.

You should also be open to the idea that your quest for a drug treatment to your problem may be trapping you in a cycle of worry and panick - you’re constantly monitoring what you are feeling which is making the condition larger than it is, again triggering more anxiety which leads to more painful headaches, less sleep, etc. I’m sure you can see the vortex that these cognitions create.

Go to bed tonight with the intention of resting, not sleeping. You can’t force yourself to sleep. Know that if you don’t sleep you will still be fine tomorrow. You can cope. With time, you may find that your condition reverses as your brain re-wires and your hormones settle (sounds like your amygdala is causing the release of stress hormones during sleep). The body and brain want to achieve homeostasis, you’ve just got to stop interfering with the process by creating dangers in your mind that do not exist! I’m also working through all of these things myself. It is the toughest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.


Try getting the scrotul cream. It does not get processed through the liver like the cypionate. This lowers e2 conversion and it doesn’t have any ester that can also cause side effects.

I am using the cream and it is a very different animal. You don’t build up to a level. You just apply and 4 hours later you peak. Then again at night and your still normal level when you take the next dose. Where as with injections you can’t make changes and see benefit for weeks. With cream you can go from 3 clicks to 2 within 24 hours and notice the change. Try it maybe it’ll help. Maybe e2 is playing a role. Maybe the Slow release is messing with you. Who knows. But I would try it to see if it caused an effect that is opposite of your current nightmare: I feel for yah and hope you find a solution.


Ok, gonna give l-tryptophan a go…


i take about 500mg powdered a night and it helps.


That’s exactly what I am going to do tonight. It says it also balances serotonin which is what I need


I took 500mg last night and got some sleep, I feel a bit spacey today but at least my body got some rest…


Keep taking it.


Yeah I’m going to. The 500mg really made a difference - before I was only taking 250mg


I used to try to power through my workouts but I always ended up getting a cold or other infection because of it. My exercise intolerance gets to the point where I can’t pick up the weights anymore, there’s just nothing left in the tank. Idk how to explain it, it’s beyond fatigue. I have a strong will and can push through pain and fatigue but this is an entirely different animal.

I used to get the ramped up insomnia you guys are experiencing from exercise, I don’t anymore. Getting back on trt has really helped my anxiety. It took a few months and made it worse for a while but I’m calmer now. Usually my symptoms (from high E2) now involve depression, something I didn’t struggle with before.


I’m fairly confident higher e2 is responsible for shitty sleep. However, what causes (usually) high e2? Higher T. So it could be either.


Yeah, I definitely have got high E2. From 2 weeks ago I dropped my T dose from 62.5mg E3.5D to 50mg E3.5D, I don’t want to use an AI. Hopefully in a few more weeks my E2 will fall…


It may fall at trough, but will still likely be high at peak.

Ever try eod shots?


I’m hoping once I get dialled in that my situation will improve. I am never going to feel great with high E2…


… that’s the next thing to try. I will evaluate in 4 weeks time…


Ok so I thought I would try a light workout, biceps and shoulders, light barbell curls and light dumbbell shoulder press…
Within 10 minutes of performing these exercises I have become really lethargic. It starts with a kind of head pressure and brain fog with excessive yawning. Man I wish I knew what was happening to me :-/


Presuming I still have high E2 on 50mg E3.5D (I’m hoping this isn’t the case), what dosage would you recommend for EOD ?


Bloods would be key to figuring that out. But maybe 20-25mg?


Guys, as you know I’m in the same boat as you. I can only recommend trazodone to sleep. 50mg works wonders. I got my blood tested yesterday. If my e2 is above 40 I’m gonna introduce an AI next week to see if it makes a difference.


Please let us know the outcome. I have only got one more protocol to try before I have to introduce an AI