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Insomnia Since Starting TRT


Yeah , I now realise this, I can get test E on the black market but with the Sust250 I get the support 24/7 through a private clinic.
I’m not happy Test E isn’t available on prescription, this would have been my first choice


So I’m 10 days into the low dose of SSRI and the side effects are brutal, I feel like I’ve been hit with a sledge hammer!
I feel sick to the stomach, headache that wont go and I feel absolutely wired, hardly slept last night, well I had my eyes closed but I wasn’t asleep almost like in a dream state…

I feel really miserable today, I just don’t feel that I will ever get well or ever sleep properly again, I just feel like stopping all treatment all together… what’s the point… .:frowning:


Stop all treatment. Detox. Then start on a smoother form of test like gels patches or your black market test e.


If you can’t conquer your mind brother, you won’t ever conquer your body.

This actually sounds reasonable considering the state you’re in.


If it helps in any way, Its 4:00am where I’m at, and I’ve been awake since 1:00am. Slept about three hours total. Maybe it’s a full moon?! Lol

It’ll be ok though. Just gotta try again tomorrow night!


@bmbrady77 Can I ask your honest opinion please…

It has been mentioned to me before about ditching the Sus250 and switching to Test E, I totally get it that Test E is far superior but since doing bi weekly shots everything in the TRT side of things seem to have settled down, I have got a libido and started getting morning wood more often. I have sent my 6 weeks labs off today so should know where I am in a few days.

The only way I can acquire Test E is on the black market, it is readily available at a fraction of the monthly cost of Sus250. The downside to this is I won’t be monitored and have the support of the TRT doctor. The other worry is if the supply of Test E ever dried up, I would be stuck!

Please give me your honest opinion bro, what should I do?


Honest opinion? I would get the Sus dialed in and stay legit. Ugl can be hit and miss from what I understand, and I personally wouldn’t take the risks involved.
You have a source for labs and a prescription. There are plenty of guys in your neck of the woods who are doing fine on Sus, a lot of them on this forum.


Thank you.


Hey Pilchard, you’re in UK right? There are clinics that prescribe Enanthate that they import from Germany. The Men’s Health Clinic in Poole is one. I think they only prescribe Enanthate in fact. No Sustanon.

I’m thinking of moving to Enanthate too. Balance My Hormones also do it but haven’t looked into the cost yet.


Hey thanks mate! I will definitely check it out. My current provider quoted me £250 for a month supply of Test E !!!


That’s crazy, it’s £7 per ampoule so around £14 per month for two ampoules if you prefill syringes


I’ve contacted the place you mentioned, I currently pay £90 for a month supply of Sus250, I’m hoping this new clinic can do the Test E within this budget…


… is that the black market price ?


No that’s the price quoted to me by the clinic.

Of course you have to pay for consult fees and blood tests as well but all in all shouldn’t be too much


Ahhh brilliant mate! Hopefully they will contact me tomorrow, very happy if this is the case! :slight_smile:


Just got this from their website…

Please note that all NEW PATIENT Consultations are carried out face-to-face in clinic, this is non-negotiable.

This could be a sticking point for me as I’m in Yorkshire!


Bro hang in there. Detox and your jsut going to keep the roller coaster going forever. Stabilize and get through this. It’s goinf to get better. This is expected right or am I wrong?

Today is a bad day. That does not mean tomorrow is going to be bad again. Take it one day at a time and focus on the moment. Stop thinking about tomorrow or how many days you’ve been dealing with this. Just focus on it and get your mind off this feeling. I personally jump into my virtual reality and race cars for a couple hours when I feel broken and depressed/ tired or stressed. I forget about everything and have a couple hours of reprieve.

Maybe you can find something to do everyday that puts a smile on your face. This will give you a break everyday and you can reset your self.


… thanks bro!

I’m not sure about detoxing, I’m not sure about stopping my TRT at this stage, I can’t see it helping matters.

My plan is to switch to test E, stop taking mirtazapine and just stay on the really low dose of SSRI until I feel better or maybe I have to take it long term, as long as it’s the lowest possible dose I can live with that. It’s bed time here soon and already I am anxious about not sleeping!!

Hopefully things will come good soon


How are you going with the Sleep Book?


I slept last night, a solid 8 hours!!!