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Insomnia Since Starting TRT


Off question but have you been to see a good chiropractor? It’s very possible that when you perform certain movements that nerves in spinal cord could be getting compressed, and that can cause issues that you wouldn’t really think could be related. Poor circulation, inflammation, BP regulation type issues, etc. I hate to see you chasing your tail bro.


Would you replace the mirtazapine with the promethazine?

Yes I had the 4 x cortisol test back in November, all normal


I always have neck and shoulder issues, repetitive strain working at a desk.
I’m beginning to wonder if the head pressure is actually a muscular problem, it’s almost like a tension headache. I am going to take an anti inflammatory to see if this helps. The insomnia is almost certainly anxiety caused by the head pressure/brain fog


Also could you expand on the histamine/exercise comment, I’m very interested ?


Try some easy yoga classes. Nothing that has flow on it… just a slow long hold type of yoga. Or do hot yoga like bikram. They will release tension and relax. Less of a workout more of a stretch and hold and breathe


I just ordered some, I am going to use it instead of the Mirtazapine to help me sleep, I tried sleeping last night without the Mirtazapine and it was impossible.


Not sure if this was already mentioned before, but did you try white noise to fall asleep? Another option are the new noise masking ear buds from Bose. They nearly completely cancel every noise in the room. I don’t hear my wife’s snoring anymore, I don’t hear the animals running around, nothing. All I hear is relaxing rain sounds which is my favorite. It also helps me fall asleep. It used to take me hours to fall asleep, now I sometimes fall asleep within minutes.
What also helped my sleep is staying away from all electronic devices about 30 minutes before I want to sleep. Read a book, maybe something boring, this worked well for me.


I haven’t tried the white noise, although we used that for our new born baby. I personally have used ear plugs which helped block out the noise of the traffic in a morning but didn’t help me fall asleep.
I’ve just started reading a book which is meant to be pretty good for getting sleep back on track, I’m not that far into it at the moment so can’t pass comment. I will bear in mind the white noise suggestion, many thanks!


It will keep trying new things and eliminating shit that doesnt work. Have you tried everyday injections? Micro dosing your ai?


You are welcome. There are also plenty of guided sleep and deep sleep meditation videos on Youtube. Whether it works probably mainly depends on whether the cause for your insomnia is physical or psychological (or both) and whether you are open to something like that. It helped me relax a lot, but for me it’s difficult to stop my brain from self observing.


… it’s definitely psychological…


Its an inbalanced dht/e2 ratio. So its physical. DHT & E2 control neurotransmitters.


… I have to do labs this Friday although it doesn’t test DHT…


Dude just relised your on sus250. Get off that asap and onto something smoother. Are you taking an ai?


Jesus ssris mertazapine sus250 sounds like a nightmare. I don’t know whats going on sorry.


… I have no choice, Sustanon is all that is available to me. I’m not taking an AI and I don’t have high E2 symptoms.


It is a nightmare!

I was hoping TRT would solve all my problems but it hasn’t. I haven’t been right since I stopped taking antidepressants back in 2017. I plan to stop the mirtazapine and just take a very low dose SSRI, I believe I have low serotonin.


Definately stop mertazapine garbage i’d also take gels or patches or pellets over sus250 anyday.


I’m going to try and source some Test E but it was double the price of Sust250 @ £250 per month!!!


Basically yes, it’s the first choice of injectable T