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Insomnia, Self-Doubt and the Early Morning Head Crush of a “Lone Trainer”


Apologies for the self indulgent nature of this post but I thought it might ring true for a few out there?

2345 – Still awake, been in bed since 2130 in an attempt to get my eight hours. Two good sessions already this week, one more tomorrow. Child didn’t go down until 2000 so ate my dinner too late, probably why I can’t sleep…I hope this doesn’t affect the workout tomorrow, if I stay awake any longer I will be too tired, will I be able to maximise the time? Can I still fit it in before work or shall I do after work?….No can’t do that I have to prepare for an interview in the evening so won’t have time after child’s bed time, cooking, eating etc…

0015 – still awake, neck feels tight, time to change pillow, that’s better, no eight hours for me then, is it even worth working out now??? …etc etc drifting off now….

0300 – Child enters bedroom declaring intent to sleep with mummy and daddy tonight, argument ensues, mum leaves with child to child’s room, drift off again, fuck it I going to smash this work out to fucking prove the world wrong, who says I need eight hours and to eat early etc etc etc

0400 – Child re-enters bedroom without announcement and climbs on my head to get to the middle of the bed

0530 – Alarm goes off, wife and child sleeping like the dead (there’s an idea…) get up, grab kit, coffee on….train and train hard!

Oh my gym is in my back garden its minus fucking 6 degrees C!! But the sky is clear the stars are bright, I have my health, my family and this work out marks off the 2nd week of my new schedule…Love it…

No meal plans, a few cheeky drinks at the weekend, can’t remember the last time I got 8 hours sleep for more than one night in a row. This is my training reality and I guess a lot of you have similar (and more serious) obstacles to overcome but reading articles and posts in these forums really helps the “lone trainer” in terms of motivation and ideas.


The only thing I can say is… hang in there. It will all work out. I train in a " built all by myself" greenhouse with shit I mostly found at garage sales and thrift stores. And yeah, it is about 29 degrees this morning. I slept 4-5 hours last nite. (I don’t have insomnia, our dog does…lol)
So, just be thankful you have these issues, because MANY people would love to have them. :wink:


Thanks Chicken, will do. Just keep going… I really am thankful I can get up and throw weights around. Posting/reading here helps motivation for me as none of my mates get it so given the above scenario would just suggest forgetting the work out…= stress for me !

I love the creativity and freedom of home/diy gyms…I have built a squat and bench rack set in concrete, not failed me yet!

dog/childcare…we made our own beds on that one