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Insomnia Ideas Based on my Gear Usage?

Basically a backstory:
I have been Blast and Cruising about 18 months. Am on TRT at age 21 for a birth defect so while it isn’t the best choice that isn’t what I’m here for.

I started an extremely stressful job working overnight 10-11 hours…the first few weeks were a breeze, I’d take Benadryl when I got home and knock out for 6-8 hours and then still hit the gym before work. After about a month the insomnia began. I think I can tie it in with beginning t3 at 25mcg. I would lay down in bed and my heart and head would be pounding; as I began to drift off to sleep my mind would scream you’re about to sleep and then I’d be wide awake with a restless mind again. I began using lunesta which worked for 2 more months. No side effects

During this time I was always abusing kratom (basically an natural opioid) and it would allow me to sleep a good 6-8 hours a day, however i would get withdrawals after about 12 hours of not taking any which ultimately caused me to quit after 6 months of use.
I have been off for 2 weeks just now getting over withdrawals. I have switched to celexa an ssri to combat my depression, though it has only worked for social anxiety rather than generalized anxiety.

Insomnia has worsened over the past 8 weeks, leading me to wake up every 2-3 hours , sometimes EVERY hour with a completely restless mind!
Right now my sleep is like this:
Lunesta - first 2-3 hour sleep
NyQuil- another 2-4 hours
benzo- relax mind and let me sleep a good 6+ hours straight but I really dislike depending on this

I just do not know where this all started
I began using Tren right before taking this position, but I did not have insomnia. I quit Tren a few weeks before starting mast and t3. I can connect insomnia to have started when I introduced 25mcg of T3 onto my regimen. I had bloods where my t3 was at the bottom of reference range but I wanted it to be optimal…stupid I know to mess with hormones but now I have to deal with the consequences.

Right now my gear usage is such:
500mg test E
500mg mast E
12.5mcg t3(just stopped 2 days ago to see if I can get better sleep as even small dose makes me feel hyperthyroid)
20mg celexa(Ssri started about 2 weeks ago, insomnia started WELL before)

My plan is to drop everything but test and hcg and just cruise on my prescribed TRT at around 200mg test and focus on a more heart healthy/cardio approach for now. My cholesterol was quite bad actual on Tren and led me to drop it as I don’t reap the benefits when not sleeping now anyways.

I also realize that I have some mental problems esacerbated by my gear and drug abuse. I don’t take any recreational drugs besides maybe marijuana to try and sleep RARELY. It hasn’t really worked anyways.

I really want to be able to sleep 6 hours straight.
I think the culprit here is the masteron and or/t3
Both seem to stimulate my CNS, and I wake up every 2-3 hours heart racing.
I almost certainly have sleep apnea, as a few tricks like wearing a mouth guard/headband will give me much more refreshing sleep. My whole fathers side has the very rare central sleep apnea as well as many with hashimotos disease for thyroid

I have been without caffeine for a while, and stopped using modafinil which has not improved my insomnia,

Blood panels are generally inconclusive as unless I pay out of pocket my GP is not willing to test antibodies as my levels are all in reference range. I can only assume my body is attacking any exogenous t3 based on how any dose I give it causes exact same symptoms(12.5mcg-50mcg raises my resting heartbeat to around 78-80 vs 60)

Blood Pressure is phenomenal though, at about 114/70 I want to say.

Gear usage cause insomnia?:
500mg rest E Mast e 500mg 12.5mcgt3
-going to drop to TRT test and see if this fixes
-maybe this is caused by opioid withdrawal still 2 weeks later and will improve
-what are some ideas? (I am VERY bad with therapy answers CBT based approaches)

Even on sleeping pills I wake up every 2-3 hours heart racing and ready to go, but crash a few hours later wit fatigue if I try and get up

What are some ideas? I think mast being DHT can really stimulate my body, and the t3 in any dose seems to make my heart rate and throat pounding skyrocket.

Thanks for ideas! Maybe this is all anxiety related which my family has suffered with for ages!

And my stats:
21 y/o
Bf 12-15%
Mentally unstable :stuck_out_tongue:

Bro your a mess. Your on a lot of prescription drugs your just coming off kratom. Your gonna experience PAWS (post acute withdraw symptoms) this can last months insomnia is def apart of that. My only suggestion to you is to get off everything besides the test eat clean trqin hard and see if it improves within 6 months time


You really should start cruising at about 80mg/wk and stop all that other crap. HCG is fine if your balls ached when you were doing T mono. It will make your blasting far more effective. At 200 per week you are miniblasting year round that aint good. You are cooking yourself from the inside out.

Have you got a current blood panel you can share? With ranges.


I will get that momentarily. Just woke up after 3 sessions of 5 hour total sleep to go on a date so I will try and get it for You soon. My bloods are pretty much perfect until I introduced Tren. When I was working days I took Tren for about 6 weeks with basically no change in sleep, as nights rolled around I was good for another 2-3 weeks but stopped Tren because I didn’t want to blast it if I wasn’t fully committing to gym. Bloods at that time where my worst but I’ll share them

Just so you know I practice what I preach. Here’s my crusing bloods my goal is above mid range on Free T. I don’t care about TT it does not mean anything. Free T is what you feel. This is 80mg/wk



Here is what 300mg/wk of T cyp gives me. Look at that Free T Lots of bang for my buck.



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You should see a therapist if you aren’t already.

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Do you really think he would listen to a therapist?
You remember 21 we fucking knew everything and no one could tell us anything.
At about 35 we finely get it if we have survived our 20s. More than you think don’t.

I have tried therapy and did see results but I am here already admitting my excessive gear usage is definitely most at play lol.

Either way I will revert back to my 100mg/week TRT dose alongside hcg and see what improvements I can make

A 100 will probably work if your SHGB is mid to high range.
Plan on two blast a year and I mean really plan like a big vacation. Save$$$ up for it.
Build high protein meal plans with lots of high qualty steak chicken and fish. Sweat pototos and wild rice.
Redesign your gym workouts. Not much happen for the first 4 weeks of your blast so just keep the old workout until that day you feel it. Then throw you body a curve ball with a complete new scheme. Push it and I mean push it hard. In other words you don’t get to start counting reps until it start to hurt.
If your curise was low enough you will feel like fucking superman. And trust us old fuckers we’ve been there I’ve been 21 three times.

100mg per week with 750iu hcg a week had me at 980 ng/dL

Yes, and what is it that causes the excessive gear usage? That’s what the therapist is for.

Kratom has both opiate and stimulant properties. Various alkaloids of kratom are opiate receptor agonists (acting via the U opiate receptor). You know what’s also a natural opiate… Morphine… And codiene, thebaine etc.

However unlike opiates, kratom’s stimulant properties can cause sinus tachycardia (effect increases with escalating dose).

Kratom isn’t safe… Don’t use it unless you’re in a rut full of chronic pain and have NO other alternative (which is veeeeerrrrry unlikely). I’d even pick prescription opiates over kratom…

You’re heart racing… T3 can cause this, kratom can cause this, anxiety can cause this, cardiac damage from anabolics can cause this. Problem is, you’ve got so many compounding factors it’s impossible to know which factor caused said issues. Chill out for a while, get on top of you’re shit before you even think about going back on gear

Is you’re reasons for excess use related to vanity, self esteem? What’s the problem. Talk to us bro, this community is here for support.

My main usage is just because I am very impatient and anxious all my life. Once on TRT I began to feel so good I just started blasting with great results and I’ve continued to see results with pretty good bloodwork overall leading me to just continue.
I have been off of t3 for 4 days now and heart racing is still happening.
I have also realized modafinil stimulant for night shift probably played a big role so I have stopped taking it and will see if I improve. Just letting my Test drop back down to TRT levels now and see where we are at.

Sometimes I feel hypoglycemic and eating a huge meal helps me rest honestly without waking as much…but my blood sugar is never measured low or high, even if fasting. Right now I can will wait and try to stabilize, if not I may look into 5mg propranolol to block the adrenaline rush I get when trying to beat.

I just don’t get how can I feel my heartbeat in my chest neck AND head all day everyday???

Does T affect your Ferritin levels? It’s definitely on the low end on the second test.

Dude, you are a mess. Gear, kratom, modafinil…this is classic addict behavior. You really really need to get away from the idea that a pill/shot/whatever is going to fix whatever is broken. You absolutely will hurt yourself if you don’t get professional help with this.

I already stopped everything how am I addicted at this point?

I recognize the behavior is bad and decided to change for the better

Addict behavior is not the same as being addicted to a substance.

Do some research on “cross addictions”

I actually very much think you are still addicted. You are showing classic cross addiction behavior. Often a drug addict can stop using narcotics and become addicted to something else it may not even be drug related.

In your case it might be gear or even the gym. (it can be anything that is done with obsession or compulsion) Not all cross addictions are bad but the point I’m getting at is you need to recognize this trait so you can better moderate other aspects of your life