Insomnia From Either Preg or Dhea??

I have been on preg50mg/dhea50mg combined TD cream for a week and it has given me good energy but keeping awake at night, also on arimidex for E2 (6 weeks prior which helped lower E2 39-32)and known to go up on dhea. Total T 20.8(10-33) is good and free T is low 41.5(60-130), my dhea was very low 2.1(2.2-15.5). I have heard that preg can help sleep and wondering if using preg with dhea is shooting dhea up too high causing insomnia. I cant drop the dhea as its combined with the preg so thinking of using dhea25mg/preg25mg. Would arimidex cause insomnia? i havent had any issues with it in the last 6 weeks.

Any advice appreciated

Try stopping the pregnenolone and see what happens.

Possible: Pregnenolone–>progesterone–>corisol–>cant sleep

We know that some women can apply progesterone cream at night and feel relaxed. However, some cannot sleep because they freely convert progesterone–>cortisol instead of that been totally controlled by ACTH.

Thanks KSman, the reverse of what i heard from another site, they say preg helps sleep. I have taken oral dhea before with no sleep problems. I did get good initial energy from preg/dhea. Do u have any opinions on preg. Im starting to get confused with all this different stuff and opinions though. i know my dhea is low and progesterone was 2(<3), morning cortisol 280(220-660), i suppose its all a trial and error thing and takes time to iron out the wrinkles. Yes im stopping preg and dhea as its a cream combo, i should have bought them both sepereately to start with.


DHEA progresses towards T and E2 from the T. DHEA does not lead to progesterone-cortisol. Pregnenolone does.

That explains some of your observations.

Not everyone processes pregnenolone–>progesterone–>cortisol the same.

Whenever pregnenolone is low, one needs to consider that there are nutrient issues that may be leading to mitochondrial dysfunction.