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Insomnia Every Night - Any Point In Training?


The subject line says it all. Most nights I either don't get any sleep but am able to sleep an hour or so during the following day or no sleep at all day or night. I've had sleep problems all my life but just carried on thinking I'm probably one of these people who doesn't need much sleep. I know I'm getting stronger but as a beginner I've been told that this is due to my CNS learning to fire off more muscle fibres, not from muscle growth. Anyone else had these problems? Please don't suggest remedies to solve my insomnia because I've tried everything. I just want to know if I'm wasting my time lifting.


You'll make less progress with little sleep, but that's better than no progress.


Its definitely still worth it! As long as you enjoy doing it. Your progress might be slower but that just means you'll have to work harder on everything else that YOU CAN control.


I used to have insomnia then I went to a psychologist and they helped me fix it. It turns out I was stressing about things on a subconscious level. What remedies have you tried? There is a lot of stuff you have to do to sleep well.


Machines need sleep?

Try some ZMA (yup, I did just suggest a supplement).

Why on earth would you quit training because of this?


Not really thinking of quitting but it gets depressing, especially when I'm so tired I'm yawning while lifting. I am already taking a zinc/magnesium supplement. I'm also currently awaiting an overseas shipment of Melatonin. I don't suffer from stress or anything because I work from home only a few hours a day. Thanks for the advice, hopefully Melatonin will do the trick or else I'll try something else.


Keep playin round the with the supplementation, but think long and hard about quitting one of the best things you can do for your health and life in general.

Best of luck


Have you seen a doctor?


When you say you have tried all the remedies are you following all the "rules" of good sleep?
e.g. No caffeine within 6-8 hours of going to bed, only using your bed for sex and sleep (no watching tv, eating, doing work, etc.), making the room as dark as possible, no computer or tv use within an hour of going to bed, and getting up at the same time everyday.


Hm yes... and when you say you "work from home" and aren't stressed, do you mean that you're almost completely sedentary aside from the gym (where it sounds like you aren't training very hard either), and basically just loaf about giving your body no reason to ever crave a regular sleeping schedule?


Hey mate, i can sympathise with you...9/10 its all in your head and basically you're body needs re-setting..i have come across this non invasive way to help combat alot of problems.. Its called EFT ( emotional freedom technique) it looks and sounds a bit weird but trust me mate its good shit.. its all to do with unblocking certain energy pathways just like a computer circuit..sounds hocus pocus but just give it a go..but u need to stick at it..i only just discovered it but methods like this have been around for a very long time..get on youtube and look up EFT for INSOMNIA...i'm no guru or tree hugging hippie..just like everyone here..loves the pussy, fast cars, bikes and smashing the iron..so just give it a go man, nothing to lose.


I have been to do a sleep study twice, been given a number of medications with horrible side effects that didn't work(Catapres, Stilnox(yes the stuff that was taken off the market after turning people into homocidal maniacs!), I know all about sleep hygiene and practice it. I don't consume any caffeine or stimulants ever.

My circadian rythyms seem out of whack because I can often sleep in the day for an hour or so but rarely at night. And to vinno78, I've heard about that sort of thing and I used to think it was a load of goofy new age bullcrap but I am starting to realise that stressing about sleep is probably preventing me from sleeping. I'm going to give it a go. Thanks.


might sound goofy mate, but weird as it seems, it works...it calms the mind which is probably what u need..it worked for me and i'm one of those that needs evidence


Obviously I dont know what your job or life entails but when you said you work from home it reminded me of something.

When I was younger I used to suffer from similiar insomnia and no meds or supps would help. It was only when I started a more mentally demanding job that it resolved itself. Basically I wasn't exhausting my mind enough to need the sleep.