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Insomnia Caused by Adex or EQ

I’m running .5 mg arimidex ED, test enanthate 500 mg per week, and equipoise 200 mg per week. This is my first time using arimidex or equipoise. I go to sleep with no problem, but wake up after 2 or 3 hours and cannot go back to sleep. Any ideas on what could be causing the insomnia.


This has been happening to me too recently. I am using test e and Adex at a little under 0.5mg/d. I think U just get on manic cycles every now and again until it settles down several days later. I certainly hope it’s not the Adex. I slept poorly 2 nights in a row, then better last night.

How far into your cycle are you? Do you normally wake up during the night and then have no problem getting back to sleep?

I’d wager it’s the bold that’s causing it. Everyone’s different yada yada but it can certainly make the mind race.

You might try GABA and melatonin if you want to avoid pharms. Bushidobadboy can probably offer some suggestions as well.

I’m 5 weeks into my cycle. Previously I sometimes woke up to piss, but easily went back to sleep. This is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Right now it’s 2.30 in the morning where I am and it’s looking like I’m up for the night.

I was hoping it was the arimidex because I can easily switch it out with nolva. Problem is I bought a load of the EQ and want to finish it. I’ll also look into the gaba and melatonin.

Thanks for your insight.

Man, i feel ya 100%. I have experienced the same problem. The earlier mention of melatonin was excellent, i used the same to help with my sleep. I personally felt the key to getting it to work for me was to always take the melatonin at the same time every night, to set a solid pattern. Good luck!