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Insomnia and Trenbolone

Hi, I have been taking trenbolone for the first time, really like the results, except I have trouble sleeping. Was considering taking GHB at the same time, does anyone else take GHB, and if so how do you know how much to take?

Also are there any alternatives to tren which dont cause insomnia or any other sleep aids anyone can think of?

Any advice would be appreciated

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I think the only steroid that could be considered any type of replacement would be Masteron…

It is milder, but there is a good strength increase, dryness, quality, aggression… but muscle isnt built as much on mast as it seems to be on tren…

I have not used either mind you - so who knows?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How often are you injecting the tren? I found that makes a huge difference.

The issues with tren and sleeping for me only occur for about a week. If its tren ace be sure to inject ED rather than anything else and the sides will likely decrease after a short period of time.

The GHB is from a reliable source so i’m as trusting as you can be with that type of thing.

I’m thinking now that I’ve probably been a bit infrequent with the tren injections. I will try switching to ED.

Thanks for your advice guys.

before getting potentionally hooked on GHB i would try the Biotest Z12 at 3 caps before bedtime

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Never tried ghb, but I’ll tell you that Z12 works pretty well for me… once I finally decide I’m going to go to bed :slight_smile:

Try talking to your doc i have been on trazedone before it’s non addictive and will def. help you sleep.

And the good thing it is legal.

The Judge

Im currently running tren a right now ED 75mg and im going through the same thing. Im sleeping ok it just takes me like a hour to get to sleep. I also have to make it cold in the house before bed because I get so hot. But has far as yourself if you have insurance or just have the money go to your family doctor or a sleep physican and ask for Ambien or Lunesta both work very well and do not effect sleep patterns just help you get to sleep and stay asleep. If you do get the stuff just make sure you allow yourself at least 6 hours of sleep. Well bro hope this helps.

Tren is the Shit

Trazadone is ok as well

I strongly disagree with recommending a drug such as Trazadone, whilst totally blind and online…

It may work for you but…

Those who take illegal drugs need to have some sort of intelligence, and if someone is capable of getting GHB you would hope and need to assume that they are able to dose themselves safely and effectively. The same is not true for Prescribed pharmaceuticals IME…

I would suggest to the OP to use simple products…

Valerian root
diphenhydramine (very good IME for various drug induced insomnias)

I wouldnt recommend you start messing with Gamma or any benzos or anti depressants personally.


Trazedone is used specifically for sleep in many many drugs are used for many things and i found the traz to work very well.

But yes i totally agree stay away from the benzo’s and any thing addictive.

But come on know i believe the traz to be a world safer than a date rape drug.

Just my oppinion and personal experience.

Which are like ass holes


HMMMMMMMMMMMMM not calling you an ass hole though it may have read like it.

Your not a ass judge. Your just stating your opinion, which is fine and I agree with you.

“everyone has one” :wink:

I just run a generic sleep aid from the the store.

its the stuff thats in like advil pm and such without the pm

it works good for nights I just cant get comfortable.
stay away from the ahrd stuff if you can.

That IS the dph that i mentioned…

[quote] Brook wrote:
That IS the dph that i mentioned…[/quote]

I am talking about Doxylamine this is what I take.
it works but also dph works just as well

oh right.

I drunk a bottle of DXM once… didnt do owt… went to sleep and then woke up at 4am tripping my tits off… it had all the negative sides of acid and none of the good stuff (of which there is very little in acid IMO)…