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Insomnia After Evening Workout


Has anyone experienced a case of insomnia when they workout in the evening?

I've noticed I can't get to sleep until 1 or 2 in the morning.

Any ideas as to how to fall asleep??



Workout earlier.


I frequently finish my workout around 10pm, and have the same problem.

Ambien works, but you're probably better off following Dorso's recommendation.


This is not unusual.

Drink warm milk, do some stretching, listen to relaxing music.

Basically, do everything you can to chill down.


Try all natural "Melitonin". It comes in a 3mg pill and knocks my butt out in about 30min. You can get it at the grocery store in the vitamin section. I used it when I had to work night shift due to not being able to sleep during the day.

        GOOD LUCK!!!


I know what you mean brother!!!! I have to train in the evening also, its the way my life allows it( I havent forgotten the important things like a career and family are more important than the weight-lifting thingy) I also compete in powerlifting.
I also get the distant buzzing- you close your eyes and see STATIC, you sit in quite and hear a distant buzz like someone in the other room has the TV on static.
I ve learned that this is my Central Nervous System (CNS).
The best solution Ive found is Mashed Potatoes/ pasta 30 minutes before bedtime.
I know that everyone meows about late night carbs, I dont have a problem I stay very lean all year round.
What I have a problem with is an altered way of life because I slept like shit and the whole next day is fucked.
ALSO NASCAR and GOLF- turn those suckers on and you'll be counting sheep in no time.


Yup all good advice above.

The deal is its largely hormonal.Heavy resistance training releaseing is it epenephrine and endorphines, dopamine. adrenaline etc. basiclly gets you HYPED the hell up ( why I like AM workouts)
and cardio does the opposite, well long low intensity cardio. releases seratonin and can help you relax and get ready for sleep.

excuse the sp above.

Try the complex carbs and some melatonin I hate that ambien crap just doesnt feel good but knocks you the hell out.