insignificant question of the day

There is no point to this question; I’m just wondering. When you load up a barbell with plates, do you put the flat side out or in?

Out, always out

Out. Coaches ingrained that in me long ago.

Definately out. Thanks to mr. v on that.

Out. Reason being that as you load the plates ‘lock’ together. Where as when they are in the plates tend to ‘dangle’ more. They become loose and slide, particularly if you do not have good control over your weight.

flat side out, and the reason… its easier to grip (learned it here on tmag forums!)

try it its true!

Whatever…it doesn’t matter. It’s not like the wieght changes, it’s just that the one way it’s easier to strip the bar.

whatever. Now, more importantly, toilet paper over the top or underneath?

Flat side out. I’m not sure why, but that the way its done. Bugs me when I see people do it the other way.

Why out? By putting the flat side in, you make the mass slightly nearer to the center of mass, thereby lowering the amount of touque when you bench. That’s my reason for putting the flat side in…What’s your reason for putting the flat side out?

The flat side out on the first plate, the rest of the plates go flat side in. That is the proper way to load the bar.

Oh no no no. IN. “In” lets you lift more weight…

If I’m using just one (1) plate, I put it on the bar so the flat side is out…that way noboby will be able to tell how much I am lifting…hahahaha…

Time for a little history.
Back in the days when Olympic lifting was king. It was do this way. First plate was placed face in and the following plates were placed face out. Why you ask? One answer was that the center of the plate’s face was machined flat and you wanted that in contact with the inside collar and the outside collar. Older olympic weight sets had a special collar that you tightened with two wing nuts and then screwed down to lock the weights into a single mass. Answer number two: Is Bob Hoffman wanted the York Barbell name visible no matter how you looked at the barbell.
It really is most practical to have the face outward when you put the plates on a bar or machine. This makes it easier to remove the weight by grabbing the outside ridge on the face. Unless you are doing Olympic lifting, then use method number one above. Best of Luck.

Yep, out.

Wha-? Out? Crazy. I’ve never seen anybody put the flat side out. Now, all these replies saying they put the flat side out. Weird.

I guess it’s a Canadian thing to put the flat side in?

Out DAMMIT Out. Makes a much more resounding and satisfying sounding CLANK when you slam that 3rd or 4th 45 pound plate on there!!!

Out, because I’m a lemming. That’s how I’ve always seen it done. And a sidenote - it’s easier to make a resounding clank when loading a bar than it is to do it quietly.

Flat side out on the bar, flat side in on the tree.

Flat side out. However, when I put them back on the plate tree, I put them flat side in, as they are much easier to grab and get off the tree when they are placed like that.