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Insight on Training Splits


Yes, another training split advice thread.

Background: Ive been training for about 3 years seriously. I started with a form of TBT and moved onto DC for about the last year. My lifts are as follows.

Bench: 300x2
Squat: 300x5(ass touching calves) 225x20 widowmaker
deadlift: 425x1

5'8" 195lbs (~14%bf) 25yrs old

I loved DC and made some really good progress with the program, but I've started to question whether or not I was ready for it when I started it. I feel like I should have started with a more traditional split because my lagging muscles are now starting to become more obvious. Lagging bodyparts in this order: quads, triceps, delts

Basically what I am asking for here is what works for dudes similar to my stature. How do you set up workouts? When you know you need to prioritize a muscle, where do you put it in your program? How many workouts per muscle? Set and rep ranges etc. I am a huge fan of very conventional movements but I am not very familiar with isolation exercises and their effectiveness. There are thousands of splits out there; Im just trying to find a general consensus of what works for natural guys about my size and experience level.

No dickhead comments needed.


Ever posted your exercise rotation and rep ranges in the DC training thread? There are ways to bring up lagging bodyparts on the 2-way.


Prioritize your weaknesses. You will always have to assess and change so is life.

If you've been to a gym I'm sure you've seen the basic isolation exercises, that's all you really need. Most old school BB believe you should raise the frequency and switch the rep range for whatever muscle group your doing.