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Insight on Improving My Workouts



I am a first time poster and look forward to learning more about the site.

Great site and I was looking for some insight on improving my work outs.

I have been working out 5-6 days per week since January. I am 26 years old and have increased my weight from 160 to around 172. Improved most exercises in weight and increased bench max from 185 to 230.

I am absolutely no body builder and do not want to be, but would like to see if there are any new programs that I could try and work into my weekly routine.

I normally work out 1:00-1:15 per day, which includes 20 minute of cardio. I am using Kre-Alkalyn Creatine and simple Whey Protein from GNC after work outs.

Do any of you have a workout routine I could print off or take a look at online? I have used a little bit of the 5 x 5, but not even sure I am doing it correctly.

Any advice/info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Get the regular creatine here for 13 bucks and take 5 grams a day. Ditch the other one and once the Whey runs out… (if you can’t take it back and get a refund… at least you can at my GNC even if it’s open. GNC is way overpriced!! Trust me I’ve tried it all) buy 100 dollars worth of Surge Recovery


Just browse the “training” section of this site; you’ll find so many programs!!! If looking like a boybuilder is not a goal of yours, Waterbury programs are really good to get in excellent shape/conditioning, and they’re short (40-45 mins, three days a week).

Anyway, why are you doing 20 mins of cardio every workout? At 172lbs, you cannot be overweight! If I were you, I’d go with a 10 mins of HIIT instead, or with some barbell complexes (check Dan John article, in the “author” section).

If you were a bit more detailed on your goals, we could offer you more specific advise.


I received the supplements free from a buddy at GNC. I would never pay the GNC prices!

Waterbury programs? I will try and research the workouts while I have some free time right now.

I am not over-weight, but I feel like if I do not do cardio four or five times a week I can still get a potbelly, ha.

I just want to continue to be fit and I am getting bored with the same workout of 8 exercises everyday. (Usually 8 exercises, with 3 sets of 8) Basic work out, until I tried some of the 5x5.