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Inside of Elbow Clicks During Curls


Why does the inside of my left elbow click when I'm doing reverse grip curls on the preacher?


Probably an unnatural motion for your body. Dont do them on the preacher. Stand up and use an ezbar or something

Or you have the ghey


2nd what bonez says.

try different positions so that ure elbow doesn't click. If u start feeling pain then i'd get it checked out by a doctor.


Ok, my monthly goal is getting my biceps stronger. I want to focus on the angle that the preacher curls provide because that is my weak point. If I drop the reverse preacher I would be left with the regular preacher and the machine preacher with the pulley system.

Is there any other variation of the preacher I can safely add to my workout?

P.S. I'm already using the EZ bar.