Inside Forearm Pain

I have been training for 7 months now and have just started to get pain in both forearms. Not sure wtf the problem is and its strange that both forearms are experiencing the pain at the same time. The pain is like a brused feeling between the two arrows. What should i do?

First, if it is severe enough, go see a doctor to rule out any bigger pathology. Any numbness into your fingers and lack of capillary refill could be a sign of a compartment syndrome. It’s not a high likelihood for that though.

More than likely, you upped your volume or load or intensity in exercises that require more grip work. Start with some soft tissue work on your forearms, sleep with your forearms covered at night, and begin with some basic stretching and rehab based exercises for the forearm/hands/fingers. Ice cup massages will help when they are bothersome and after activity too.

yeh upped my deadlifts to 140kg and i forgot to take my straps a couple days before i felt it. What do you mean by tissue work, like deep tissue massage therapy? Also no idea what you mean by forearms covered at night. Would be really great if you can link me to some rehab based exercises for the forearms/hands/fingers. There is a slight ache sometimes but mostly only hurts when i press on it or lift weights.

Looked up compartment syndrome and i very much doubt thats what it is. Its just started to occur in both forearms and it seems that compartment syndrome usually comes from a result of a broken bone or other serious injury. Would still be good to get some tips on how to allow it to get better. I am going to continue to exercise as i always have.

I didn’t think it was compartment syndrome either, but was just saying that if you did get numbness/tingling into your fingers that it may be the reason and you should get it checked out.

This sounds like a VERY minor injury. Not to sound harsh, but google can be your friend in terms of finding some basic rehab stuff. This obviously isn’t a serious injury (especailly if you are considering just continuing to lift as you were just prior to the injury), so really any rehab based exercise will likely help you in some way. Or if you do feel this is something more serious, I’d recommend going to find a professional in your area to take a look at it and prescribe some specific rehab.