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Inside Elbow Pain

Hi lifters, i’m having a lot of trouble getting rid of inside elbow pain. It started 5 months ago, after lifting a oxygen tank at work. I can’t say if it is "tennis/golf elbow, lateral/medial epicondylitis, but i can show you exactly where i have pain (btw, i can say it is not the biceps tendon that hurts, but under it)

my physio told me to do 10 tecar therapy sessions, but they had no effect. I’ve tried to rest, doing some exercises, eccentric curls… but nothing, it never goes away or even gets less intense.
someone could help me, please?

Any symptoms in your forearms, hands or fingers? Particularly new sensations of tingling, pins and needles, burning, coldness or lack of sensation.

No, nothing. The pain is located in that exact point. It only hurts when i flex/extend my arm with supinated grip; if i do flexion/extension with pronated grip, i don’t get any pain.

Wish there was something I could say to help.
I dealt with elbow pain for a long time and now that its healed, the same elbow bugs me in a different way.
Hopefully you will get some relief or it will heal on its own; I hope you post updates here when you learn more.

Why do you say it’s not your biceps tendon? I ask because 1) you injured it picking something up–classic for biceps tendon injury; 2) it hurts when you do biceps stuff; and 3) the area indicated in the pic is where biceps tendon pain locates.

EyeDentist, Biceps Tendon Rupture Class of 2001

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I can feel the pain right on the brachioradialis muscle, under and just on the right of the biceps tendon, it is a strange place. I think i’m going to do a MRI. By the way, here is a more precise pic of my pain:

It is your biceps tendon. For years prior to my rupture I had nagging pain that I was 100% certain was in my brachioradialis. (I still have that pain.) One thing I remember most clearly about the moment I ruptured it was the sudden, crystal-clear revelation I had regarding how I had completely misinterpreted my pain all those years. (The other thing I remember is how much it hurt.) The moment it happened two thoughts flashed through my mind in the most rapid of successions: 1) ‘I just rupture my biceps tendon’; followed by 2) ‘All this time it was my biceps tendon that was hurting–not my brachioradialis.’

Like you, pre-rupture I had the impression that my biceps tendon inserts over here, whereas my pain is over there, so it can’t be that. No one could have convinced me otherwise, just as I probably won’t be able to convince you. May your future ‘moment of realization’ story be less dramatic than mine.

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Thank you very much for your precious informations. I will absolutely do a MRI next days, I need to know a precise diagnosis. Luckily i’m not training biceps since my injury… I hope things are not too bad.
I’ll keep you informed about my MRI during next day!
Again, thank you very much.

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Probably biceps tendinopathy. MRI is probably not necessary. You can rehab it with curls, done at a volume and intensity that does not make your symptoms worse. Gradually titrate the volume and intensity up over time.

Ok! I’ll give this a try. Thanks for the tip!
About the MRI, I’ve already booked it… so I’ll do it anyway.

what does this mean?

How were these performed? Load, reps, weekly frequency?

Have you adjusted your training to reduce biceps strain?

A resource I personally find value in is Steven Low’s Overcoming Tendonitis (blog post and/or book).

And to add another vote for maybe biceps tendon I’d say the pictures do not highlight anything anywhere near my medial epicondylitis (leaving aside, obviously, that your pictures are not of my arms ;))

Tecar is a Physic therapy done with a hot electrode, it saved me from knee bone marrow edhema. This time I haven’t been so lucky.

I’m doing eccentric preacher curls with very low load (a 5 pounds dumbbell), 2 sets of ten reps with 5 seconds eccentric.

I’m not training biceps since july due to this condition.

Btw, tomorrow i’ll have my MRI.

Do they hurt?

Have you tried dry needling?

Yeah sure get an MRI

In the meantime:
try the voodoo flossing here…

Try doing one tricep move for very high reps 25-30 say -ie getting a ton of blood into the general region without directly touching the Bis

Gently stretch biceps and forearms after every session you work upper body.

Also look into getting some ART/Active release treatment.


A little, just the first few reps.

Still not.

Thank You very much.

I had a MRI. With my big surprise (and relief…), it is literally everything ok. No bone problems, no ligamentous capsule problem, tendons are perfect. Just a little thing; a “minimal film of joint effusion” (I hope I translated it right from italian).

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