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Hear me out as I try to set the stage for this post:

This afternoon, I was watching football with my girl, and she was flipping through the channels during a commercial. I had trained legs this morning, so I didn’t have the energy to put up a fight:( Anyway, she stumbled onto “Kindergarten Cop” starring good ol’ Arnold. I had always heard that he had never had “ideal” biceps attachments, but I noticed it especially in this movie (or at least the few minutes that I watched). His attachments are much higher than someone who has what appears to be an upper arm that just blends with a forearm. I guess that makes it all the more impressive that he built such great upper arms and forearms.

That being said, I’m in the same boat. Although I have a decent peak in my biceps, they don’t have the “elbow girth” that really shows up with a short-sleeve shirt because the attachments are higher. I’ve also heard of this being a problem with lats, calves, and even quads (I have a hard time with thickness in the lower quads as well).

With that in mind, does anyone have any opinions on whether or not one can essentially work around these problems with certain training protocols and exercise selection? I’ve heard of placing extra emphasis on full stretch movements like preacher/Scott curls for the problem, but was wondering how everyone else has dealth with these problems.

You cant get rid of it, that is what you were given at birth. I dont think arnold had much to worry about when it came to arm genetics. Franco columbu was a different story.

I have plenty of lower bicep girth, however I have very little in the way of peak! I guess the grass is always greener on the other side huh? Damn genetics.

Damn genetics, huh? The thing about Arnold, is that he made the absolute best out of what was God-given. However, I had always thought that his physique was quite the ideal for bodybuilding.

One thing, Eric to think about: your "decent peak" could become, a "phenomenal" peak. You sound like your biceps are predisposed for this. Could be like me: I very, very, rarely do ANY direct bicep work anymore. And I've got peaks to 'em. So, genetics can be a good thing.

you need to train the outer biceps to get the peak that people talk about. That’s why the biceps look different from the front and the back and thats why people have a different structure because of the emphasis to each as well as genetics. Doing preacher curls and close grip barbell or e-z curl will develop the peak since it puts more emphasis on the outer head. personally i would not want to have a short head and always strive to have a long head with good mass. laters pk