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(Insert Name Here)'s Workout Log

Rebuilding a base of fitness now. My old site for my workout log is just dead these days so now Im here. Im open to suggestions of exercises to add or change while I nail down my routine.

About Me: Im used to be an amateur boxer, thats where my background lies and where my heart lies. I still gear my workouts around boxing to some degree but since I dont do it anymore Im not so focused on performance in it but I still like the idea of “body mastery” which to me is gymnastics skill coupled with sports performance and just being ‘workhorse’ strong. So ill be basing my workouts around sports performance, gymnastics, and odd object lifting. My workouts atm will be based to some degree on what I feel like doing for the day until I get settled on exactly what my routine will look like and it will be affected by the weather since a good chunk of my workouts will be outside and i live in a rainforest and its the rainy season.

1.Regain my previous build from when i was boxing in GP. I think I may be able to dig up my measurements from then, ill have to dig around in my old log.
2.regain my old bodyweight strength feats (one arm pullup, clapping one hand pushup, standing rollout, front lever, 9ft standing long jump)
3.gain some new feats (full planche pushups, human flag)
4.hit my old strength personal bests on the bench, and deadlift and set new PB’s on the squat
5.gain better all around shoulders. Aesthetics and strength. My medial delts have always been behind and I think I can attribute some small injuries to that shortcoming, so this goal is for equal parts overall strength, aesthetics and shoulder health.

So my general goal is strength with the above specific goals being my indicators of progress. Ill focus on strength in general until I hit a point where Im satisfied then I’ll zero in on the strength feats one at a time. I cant afford a gym membership atm so the bodyweight stuff will be the first ones I do.

Sunday march 13:
2 sets 5 reps: one legged curtsy squats
2 sets 15 reps: bulgarian split squats
3 sets 15 reps: standing one legged calf raises

Yup, my legs sadly feel pretty jelly atm but form was good. Ill add weight to the split squats next time with my dumbell and ill add a hip thrust variation and eventually some ghr’s once I find an appropriate place to crank those bad boys out.

Tuesday March 15

20,20,10 pushups
6,8,7 pike press with feet on bed

Wow, disguisting. I didnt think I had regressed so far. I figured cuz Id occasionally goof off and do pullups n lug around heavy ass shit do 1 arm pushups and a few other things I was better off than I was. Typing this makes me think about how my nutrition is, if i fixed that up and started actually eating breakfast and a real lunch thatd certainly help. Work in my veggies as much as I can and just clean up again too. Wow. I once worked as a PTer before and that actually killed my love of exercise but god damn that cant be an excuse anymore. 2-3 years since I actually really worked out. Fuck me, well today was humbling for sure. Fuck.

I should do some fitness testing and see exactly where I am. Maybe once my legs recover.