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Inseason Lifting


would the one lift a day program be a good idea during the season in order to not where myself out? i play basketball

Mon Squat
Tues Bench
Wed Power Clean
Thurs Deadlift
Fri Press
Sat Pullups

do 5x5
2 warm-ups with 60% and 80% then 3 sets with same weight

any thoughts or critiques?
maybe better options for in-season lifting

bench 195x3
squat 305x5
dead 375x5
Press 120x5
Power Clean 200x2
height 5'11
weight 170


I would just keep it simple and have two dedicated strength days a week.

Something like 8x3 or 5x5

I usually go:

Day 1:

Power Clean/ Full Clean

Day 2, 3-4 days later:

Press (or push press)/ Pullups superset
Front squats

You can tack on an assistance exercise or 2 if you'd like, but for strength maintenance the big lifts should be enough.

It works for me, and I even sometimes see gains.


The concept of in season training is to leave everything on the court, not the gym.

1 set of power movements while staying in positive failure mode, the rest is maintenance reps, 1 to 3 exercises per body part. Mmonitor your body.

if your schedule can accommodate it, one body part is fine.

Monday example. Squat, max 80% lifted explosively. 3-8 sets, 6-8 reps. Listen to your body. This is not about beating PR's. This is about maintaining explosive strength on the court.
Then choose balancing exercise and do 3-5 sets with 12-15 reps per exercise. Lunges, extensions, curls, knee raises, etc. All legs exercises. Again, not about PR's this is about keeping muscles limber and injury free for the court.

I sometimes incorporate only power movement for the day (ie: jumping square) if I feel it is warranted. But that takes practice and years to know how your body responds.