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Inseason lifting routine

Im a college sprinter looking for a good inseason workout routine, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as in exercises? percentage of weight? when as in before/after track practice? and which supplements to take during track season? thanks for any help

try to keep your gym time under an hour. Only use complex movements; i.e. squats, bench, pull-ups, and hang cleans. go heavy, 4-5 sets of 4 reps. make sure to include one day of plyos. remember your a sprinter not a bodybuilder, so try to train for explosive speed and accelleration. buy the book explosive strength & power by Dr.Chu. Good Luck this season!!

racer x you I understand what you said about the exercises and reps/sets but Im really not familiar with a plan, so do I do all those basic power lifts everyday, or squats one day, bench the other, power clean another and so on, or legs one day, upper body the other, and how many times a week. thanks so far for all your help.

sorry about that. basically, try to get 3 days a week in the gym. an example would be DAY1: 4 sets of bench; 4 sets of weighted pull-ups; 4 sets of barbell shoulder press. DAY2: sprints. DAY3: single leg plyos; depth jumps; plyo push-ups; ball toss sit-ups(reps for these depend on recovery ability, you want to do enough that you feel it, but it doesnt hinder your speed too much for the next days sprints). DAY4: intervals. DAY5: 4 sets of squats, 4 sets of straight legged deadlifts. Day6: off. DAY7:sprints. Here’s my supplement list and why: creatine…causes increase in speed through quicker transition between contraction/relaxationtime in muscles glutamine…improves recovery Tribex…keeps you from decreasing test levels from overtraining and helps prevent overtraining …on race days take 400mg of caffeine and powerdrive(try this once before the race to make sure it doesnt make you too jittery. just bpost if you need anything i forgot to cover.

Racer x once again thanks a bunch but like I said before Im really new to weight lifting, what you provided was great info my coach already has me doing the plyos, sprints but for some reason he doesnt want us lifting inseason but everyone says it needs to be done, so one more thing if you could what is the percent of weight to be used for the bench, shoulder press, squats, deadlifts of my one rep max like 80% at 5 reps or 60% at 10 reps? thanks again

Try 85%+ of your 1 RM for 5 reps or less. Keep the volume, and because of your other stuff, frequency low. I would work upper body every 3-6 days and lower body every 7-10. Also, I would keep the lifting sessions under 30-40 minutes. And would lift preferably 4-6 hours after a track session, or right after it.