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Inseason Football Training


Can anyone recomend a good inseason football routine?



Scroll down to inseason training.


Check out the in-season rowing and rugby thread.

One idea sounded good which was Monday- Full body strength and Thursday Full body power. The poster also said that Monday could be split into upper and lower.


This article by Casey Rusbridge includes a great two a week full body workout:


It is specifically for fighters, but I could see it working well for rugby.


You don't have inseason training with your football team?


I don't play football, but at my school inseason our players don't even lift.


what? we all had weight lifting(gym) during school periods then did practice after school. what is your goal?


my goal is to not only maintain my strength but maybe even increase it. i was thinking mabe a two day a week version of jim wendlers 5/3/1 plan


I would go easy on lifting during the season, you are getting enough strength work from practice and games.


go all out at practice on the sled and when your hitting each other. Can you take a weight lifting class as part of your regimen(school)/P.E. I just worry about hitting the weights TOO hard becoming a hindrance on your practice. what position do you play?

in all honesty you should a been doing this during spring and summer. preparing for now. did yall even do three a days?


Ok coming from a current football player and powerlifter, I life almost every day, usually every other day. the only thing I did was cut out really heabvy deads every week, i get too sore. But really for the season you just want to maintain at the level you were at when you did your combine. That being said, if you go about it hard like I do, you will get stronger, i know I have, my bench has went up by 8 or 9 pounds, and I just hex bar deadlifted 505x3 the other day.


Check this out, might be easier to print it out and look it over:

Click on "In Season", if any of the exercises sound unfamiliar, go to the video library section to the right and it gives instructions. Im open to all feedback.

Any questions PM me


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