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Insanity Training

i know this is an old post, but has anybody here seen the 2nd Insanity workout, called Asylum?

it doesn’t really like the same thing, but more of an program for atheltes. the workouts are Speed and Agility, Verical Plyo, Strength, “Game Day,” Core and “Releif” it looks like it has more upperbdoy stuff than the previous program (which seemed to be a complaint from some gusy i know that did it), but more power oriented than cardio.

anyho, just wondering if anyone has seen/used this…

Yeah the insanity workout…works. I was skeptical as I love lifting and have always hated these infomercial things. My brother had done it and wanted me to try it. It IS brutal, but very rewarding. Anyone who has doubts, Go try just one of the month 1 workouts, you will be amazed.(month 2 gets expnetnially harder).

The only problem is that overtraining can sneak up on you so you will want to make sure your doing all the right stuff. I ate like crazy and still dropped lots of bf. Its amazing what good bodyweight exercises can do for you. Oh , and the asylum is supposed to be a bit more focused on strength, and its only 30 days so may be more doable.

I know this is T-Nation and cardio type programs are frownded upon, but this thing is definitely not a joke… youll look and feel great if you stay with it.hope that helps.

this thread makes me sad…

not a big believer in these types of programs, but I am in Iraq right now and a buddy of mine is on the program. I can honestly say that the change in him has been very obvious. he’s down about 25 lbs and 10% BF. he also doesn’t take any supps.

I purchased the Insanity program about six months ago. I had gained about 100 pounds when I quit smoking and wasn’t exactly athletic to begin with (was 295lbs at my highest with a tiny amount of that being actual muscle… like 160lbs of lean mass). Needless to say for anyone who has tried Insanity, I could get about as far as the warm-up before being reduced to a quivering mass of lard and sweat on my nice new Jump Mat (that came with the DVDs).

Gave that up real quick and turned to just regular old circuit training but the one thing I did stick with was the nutrition plan that came with the DVDs. It’s a tiny little pamphlet that basically just offers a menu that makes getting into proper nutrition pretty easy.

I’ve never seen any diet like that diet book before, they should really sell that book separately (or some more elaborate version) because it’s pretty damn solid. Coming from crap yo-yo diets like Atkins and trying to limit calories while still eating shit food and having no focus on macro-nutrients this book was a great intro to good nutrition as opposed to a fad diet. One book I found though that was pretty similar was Muscle Chow from Men’s Health. Not as structured as the Insanity Nutrition though.

I lost about 70 pounds and counting in six months. Seemed to hit a plateau in the last few weeks though (I think I was going a bit too low on the calories for too long…1500 a day) so switched focus on hypertrophy instead of weight loss and just upped all of the calories in the same plan. I’ve been adding calories every week at a rate of about 300 per day to see when I get to the tipping point and start gaining fat so that I can slowly back down from there for a slower burn. Still haven’t found it, up to 3100 calories per day and still losing weight. I’ve packed on like 5 pounds of muscle and still lost about 6 pounds of fat, this diet seems to have totally changed my metabolism.

I think I’ll go back and give the workouts a shot for my next 2 month cycle. Sean T might get a bit annoying for a solid 2 months though.