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Insanity Training

Anyone using the Insanity training that has been advertised on TV. Several people here at work claim its one of the hardest workouts they have ever done.

[quote]MODOK wrote:
You must work in a convent? Victoria’s Secret store? [/quote]

oh cmon its pretty fucking intense if you really push yourself, my roommate ordered it, i laughed at first but then tried it and sweat like a madman

its cardio workout though so dont expect to get jacked off of this

I just purchased this program. I havent started it officially yet, but I tried the first CD…it seems pretty intense. Ill post results of my 60 Day when I officially start today.

Very good…Hard as Heck!

Be careful though. My wife was doing insanity and hurt her back. She is in relatively good shape as the army keeps us both in pretty good shape.

Just be mindful when doing the workouts.

[quote]Primal1415 wrote:
Very good…Hard as Heck![/quote]

With strong words like that maybe it’s worth a go for me too.

Whats up nation?! well here is my 60 day insanity update…

I felt that this program was brutal. I am in the military. I regularly lift. I train for 10K runs. I have competed in US Navy Spec OPS Battle for the Beach and I felt like this program was a beast! I loved it! Prior to starting Insanity I had AC joint surgery on my right shoulder. So I had fallen out of shape pretty bad. Knowing I had my Navy PT test in May I tried it.

My 1.5 mile run has dropped to 11:24, Push ups increased to 114 in 2 min, Sit ups in creased to 124 in 2 min.
I weighed 227 and dropped to 214. I was at 20% bf (rope and choke method) and dropped to 16%.

Slippery_banana stated his wife hurt her back doing this, and I did as well. It kept me laid up for about a week.

I did not see any size gains, just bf loss. It sucked though because I lost a lot of mass in my neck/traps. Now I look like a bobble head!!!

Good thing I begin the iBodybuilder.

I’ve noticed two responses that indicate that people sustained back injuries on this program. Would either of you care to elaborate on how that occured? I’m just curious to know if it was a form break down due to fatigue, or was it one particular exercise in the program?


For me, the injury came from fatigue. it really is an exhausting program. To the programs credit though, I have had low back problems from my power lifting days. I honestly recommend this program. I truely is worth the money. Now if you can figure out how to put it on the I-pod, you’d be the man (or woman). Good luck with it!

My wife’s injury was a combination of sorts, I think. I think she was fatigued and continued on with the workout anyway. Also, she has large breasts and a small body as well which leads me to believe she had to work harder at holding her self upright.

I think that as long as you are honestly careful and listen to your body, you will be fine.

p.s. sorry guys, no pics of my wife’s breast.

I laughed when 2 kids on my wrestling team did this and then issued a man challenge for me to try it…the laughing stopped very quickly.

I believe that a program no matter how lame or commercial is only as useful as the effort you put into it.

i guess the question would be, what’s a person trying to accomplish and is this the best way to do it? or is it a short cut to fatigue/injury as has been pointed out?

eg one’s stats (thanks for sharing) are
"My 1.5 mile run has dropped to 11:24, Push ups increased to 114 in 2 min, Sit ups in creased to 124 in 2 min.
I weighed 227 and dropped to 214. I was at 20% bf (rope and choke method) and dropped to 16%. "

60 days to drop 13 pounds is about a pound and a bit a week. That’s average for a diet - and there is a diet in insanity - it’s decent too (better than its p90x cousin). Likewise can do that kind of bf loss in that time when on a sane program too. And Likewise again there are great programs to increase speed etc in the same amount of time. in ten minutes, i’m pretty sure i can increase anyone’s first 10 yards off the line in a sprint. Doing 1 push up a second is certainly wicked fast for going from totally extended elbows in a good plank to chest to floor. that’s amazing. And it’s great to practice loads of speeds in any movement.

So insanity is one way to achieve these stats if these are meaningful goals for you. but the results aren’t really surprising when there are 17 other ways past sunday to get to that place - esp if for the price of the program you get with a good coach for that period.

and if one is smoked at the end of those 60days, was that fun or work? frantic or enjoyable? quality movement or slop?

one comment here was about how hard it is
yes it’s exhausting but so what? where does that get us?
and heck i can smoke someone in ten minutes doing tgu’s and kb swings back and forth no problem.
and research shows 6mins of wingates a WEEK has the same value as hours of carido

we get the bodies we train for - and the athletes i see who regularly push into fatigue lose more than weight in their performance. they get what they’ve trained: constant fatigue and degraded form by the end of their workouts.

so a question i generally ask is cool you want to do this program you like how it sounds, it maps to your goals. super. How are you going to test it if it’s working for you? not just on the scale but in other things that are important? like how your nervous system is doing? how your other performance markers like sleep quality, mood etc are doing? All that stays good, great go for it.

sorry i’ll stop this is soap boxing.

if you’re happy and your body’s happy, go get it.

Thanks to everyone for the responses. I actually obtained a free copy of it, and figured I’d give it a try soon. I have to wait til summer is over though…I work out in my garage, and there is no way I’m doing this in the middle of Texas summer in an uncooled garage.

A Nashville friend has Mixed the Insanity and weights, and aerobics for the past 6 months. Down 30 lbs and looks real good. He has no doubt that Insanity works, and take your supplements, you will need them for them recovery.

I started it about 4 wks ago. It is as much you put in as you get out. I like to lift and it has been killing me to work in a lifting schedule. Finally came up with a fixed three day lifting schedule. I’m keeping it at the 5x5. Don’t want to lose strength and figured I might be able to keep some muscle size. For example, I’ll lift on Tues, Thurs, and Sunday fixed. Do the insanity in the morning and lift at night. It all ain’t easy, but being out of shape is not an option. Btw, the workouts in the insanity compilation really do work.

[quote]ramrod63 wrote:

[quote]MODOK wrote:
You must work in a convent? Victoria’s Secret store? [/quote]

its cardio workout though so dont expect to get jacked off

oh my

Any of you guys thought about doing interval training on the days that you’re not lifting? It will help you preserve muscle mass and also get you in pretty good cardio shape as well. And as far as I can tell no one has complained about back injuries regarding intervals.

Running threw the program and trying to put together a lifting program (I feel the need to lift). I have come to the conclusion that the program isn’t half bad. If I knew how to keep my diet correct I’d be leaps and bounds better than I am. I can say though the program is very football conditioning related. Of course, there is also the military conditioning in it (ever do mountain climbers in the sand). I don’t know what the others are like (read:P90(x) ) but I can say the insanity program would be a nice extension for off-season football program for both high school and college. The program to me has a nice football conditioning aspect to it.

uh…do you think 120 sit ups in 2 min might have anything to do with your back pain?