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Insanity Anyone?

I just started using the Insanity program as part of a leaning training cycle. I did the first workout today titled Plyo/Cardio circuit. It kicked my backside.

Starting Stats:
30yrs old
5ft 8in
214 Lbs
19.9% BF (taken using pinch calipers)

Don’t care what I weigh
12% BF. ( giving myself until May)

I am wondering if anyone here has done this program and what kind of results they got. I am eating 2400 cal/day and my goal burn is 3000 cal/day. I am insulin sensitive and see much better results with carbs around 130 to 150g a day with protein around 250 to 300g a day. Most of my fat intake is from healthy sources. I take Flameout, Metabolic Drive, and HOT-ROX. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

you’re goal is to burn 3,000 cals a day from exercising?

No total calorie burn I have a bodybugg that measures your burn all day. I am looking to burn 600 to 700 calories a day from exercise. Sorry for the confusion.

I have some buddies who do it while stuck in hotel rooms overseas. They say it is kinda tough.

Honestly, if you keep your diet in check and you follow just about ANY program intensely and consistently than you will see results.

Oh, and as an aside, I burn a lot more than 3,000 cals a day from exercise, so it can be done, but not in the 45 minutes-1hr that that DVD is going to give you, brother. You may need to think about supplementing some NEPA type rucking either first thing in the morning or at night…

Shoot sorry, you caught me before I posted, disregard all un-applicable info…

I use insanity on a fairly regular basis. I can tell you that it is very intense on the lower body and core, but leaves something to be desired for the upper body. I have had a hard time doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) on my own, so i think its very good to have a reference material. Also, it is A LOT more fun than indoor cardio, ie. stair steppers or eliptical. It has helped me on my form with squatting and lunging. That being said, i bought it on craigslist for $40 so i wouldn’t pay full price for it.