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Insane Workout!


I did a squat workout today. I did overhead squats, front squats, and back squats. I started out with the bar, then added ten pounds after each set and switched from overhead squats to front squats once I couldn't complete a set of five. Then when I couldn't front squat the weight for five I switched to back squats and stopped when I could barely squeeze out five reps with 245. I ended up doing 20 or twenty one sets of five reps. I think that's one of the best workouts I've ever had.


Your legs (and other areas) will be talking to you tomorrow!

Nice job.


i tried that a couple weeks ago, stolen from Mr. John, it is a killer no doubt.


Ha. O yea they will...


You know, it matters not what sort of program you are on. Doing something like the original poster did once in a while is a GREAT shock to the system and a definite helper in the battle to gain size and strength.


That's where I got the idea from too. I read it on his site. The article about doing one lift a day.


Thanks! It was one of the hardest workouts I've done, but I really enjoyed it. For me it was a lot of fun.


I also stole this from Dan's site. A brilliant workout for those days when you find yourself between routines.


I believe that every so often, you should go to the gym and do something completely different from what you normally do. Even from someone like me who changes constantly, it can be fun to go in sometimes and just do a workout that is way different from what I do...might be a "beach workout" or crazy high reps or exercises I rarely do....


also try going from a stricst military press to a push press to a jerk..also a huge pain in the ass...yet fun.i think i stole that from DJ also.



Yeap kick ass workout.

I did it a while back.

I also did a similar workout from Crossfit

21 back squats with bodyweight
15 front squats with 75% bodyweight
9 overhead squats with 50% bodyweight

It was the suck then but I could it easily now that I've been focusing my improving my squats over the last couple of months.