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INSANE workout

back in my early 20’s i used to squat like a dumbass… 6-8 sets were the norm… (no wonder my legs didn’t grow, i was overtraining and undereating) i remember one set specifically, i did 13 reps of 405. and i should have stopped at about 8. my workout partner was a great spotter on squats and he helped me get out the other 5, but barely. i puked out in the parking lot, which wasn’t uncommon back then. we went to the grocery, and i fell down as soon as i got out of the car and fell several times while in the store. i’m surprized i wasn’t taken for being drunk. i got home stripped to my underwear and passed out next to the front door, and didn’t wake up until the next day… (ahhhh youth !!)

Yep, been there done that no broken foot though. It still hurts. As far as weights though, I just did legs today and puked right afterwards. Thats the first time thats ever happened. All I did was squats, straight legs, and calves. Strange…

In the summer of 90’ when I first started lifting weights I got my first program from some bodybuilding show featuring Troy Zucco…something or other. Anyway, for a chest workout he recommended 18 sets of db bench presses (6 sets at 3 angles) plus 3 sets of dips and 100 push-ups. So like a dumbass newbie I figured that was the right thing to do. Along with the rest of my upper body workout, it took me about 2.5 hours to complete. I did this 3 days a week in a gym that was not air conditioned so it was the same temperature as it was outside, which was HOT! Needless to say, I didn’t get much stronger or bigger, although I did get pretty ripped.

Hmmm…I would have to say going through BUD/s Hell week.

I am considering doing the Cybergenics workout with a Mag-10 cycle. It is a brutal workout that may work well with Mag-10 and Myostat. I still have the Cybergenics Kit book and Phase I’s book.

A few occasions spring to mind. The hardest was a truck towing competition. Imagine doing a 1 rep max squat that lasts 40 seconds. I couldn’t walk, stand or breathe properly for 10 minutes afterwards.
20 rep breathing squats with 150kg.
Charles Poliquins one- day arm cure was pretty nasty - nothing quite like having a crippling cramp in the tricep and the bicep at the same time (you can’t stretch the muscle either way).
My mate did so many hard sets on his calves that he had to get around on crutches for a week!

This one’s simple. I played football in the Pac-10 couple years ago and we were practicing for out game against Oregon State. They ran the option/veer offense. So 90% of their offense was running plays. We practiced 200 running plays in a row with no rest. We thought our coach was nuts but when we found out he was a vet from NAM, we knew we were in trouble. Following that we had gassers with full pads on for time. Let me just tell you that I found other uses for those little carts that come out when you get hurt.

Yeah, the broken foot wasn’t as bad as the black flag contitions since it just went numb. We had 6 go down with heat stroke, two of which suffered permanent damage. One guy had his core temperature spike to 108 (106 is supposed to be brain death I have heard). He and another guy (whose core temp. went up to about 106) both had varying degrees of paralysis… now THAT is an insane workout.

hehe i just thought of another one. actually, as much of a retard as i was as a begginner (you know, lotsa bench and curls), this one was in football (hs). jr year, monday, conditioning day. 16 120s (back of the endzones) with one minute rest in between, and had to do it in 16 sec or under. after 4 my coach yelled “good job, quarter of the way there.” i realized we had 12 more to do. after about 10 we were all on a different planet. when we finally finished everyone collapsed and didnt move for about 10 minutes. yeah i had to write a paper that night too, and im pretty sure i did pretty shitty on it.

Hmmmm…back in the pre t-mag days I’ve done the usual gross overtraining. squats till failure every leg day, if there wasn’t a railing down the steps(the weight room was on the 2nd floor) I would have fell. I did calves for the entire workout once, couldn’t walk right for a couple weeks. I think the worst was the “hell week(s)” of football practise. two a days for about 4 hours each. ouch.