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Insane Workout Video

This is not your ordinary training. This is strength conditioning for rock climbing that a guy is doing. This was actually posted as an extreme video of the day on another site I frequent. I just know alot of people will get a kick out of it on this forum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxd17J5i15I

I couldn’t find a single moment where I was impressed. Believe me, I tried. But that “training” is mediocre at best. The guy isn’t impressively agile.

^I agree to an extent, its defenetly not the most impressive video I have seen , but if he did all those movements with minimal rest that would be extremely hard endurance wise I would say.

One thing about it though Is it’s harder then it looks. Thats alot of explosive movements the guys doing, even though is light weight.

Pretty cool stuff. Sure, not as “sexy” as squats and deads… but it does look effective for conditioning and strength for climbing.