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Insane Quad Development on Russian Weightlifter


This guy is only 94kg. thought this would be appreciated on the bodybuilding forum, this guys quads are stupid.


Goddamn I love how casually he lifts that...makes it look like a warm-up. No psych-up, no positioning, just lifts it.


High freq front squats pay off I guess.


it looks like he stuffed his shorts with pillows


And his lats?


Nice. Makes me want to use lol


whoa bro. get that olympic lifting shit out of here bro.


mister ivanov


I can only imagine how hard it is to find jeans that fit him.


Especially when they can be done with 550+ lbs


Pretty insane, sweep looks like some early Coleman pictures in his stripey tight shorts..

I hope so.. I'm squatting 3x a week purely to improve my squat, but my quads are definitely getting much bigger too.




What makes you think he wears jeans? SINGLETS ALL DAY!



in one of dan johns articles, he talks about the crazy leg development of a famous Russian hammer thrower, and that this guy routinely front squats with 200kg for 8 reps,

from that point on whenever somebody asked him (dan john) how to get big legs, he would tell them "front squat 440llbs x 8". lol


that's what i do, i have my leopard-skin one on right now as I type this.


yep. though I am training more like a bodybuilder now, and for the few years I trained for PL using the Westside method i did lots of rows, the VAST majority of my lifting life the only thing i did for my back was deadlift, cleans, pulls, and snatches.

and most people who know me think my back is my most impressive body-part.


He is from Ukraine!


He is the popeye of quads.


As a Bodybuilder it bugs me his upper body isn't as developed as his lower body LOL.


His quads are mind blowing but his lats also pop out ridiculously as well. Awesome.