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Insane Leg Workout with Shortcutsexypack

for those unaware, this video is a an homage to the “Number 1 Fitness Channel On Youtube”

Lol. I literally laughed out loud during those leg presses. Kudos.

Unfortunately, second video (for reference) does not work? / White box…

I just wanted to say that you are absolutely one of my favorite people on the internet lol

“Why can’t I just get the six-pack?!?!” sob sob sob


Aside from the fact that I think you are entertaining as hell, you’ve also done a great job on your physique. You look at your most impressive yet…

All the best.

That dude was a trooper for hugging you after watching you cry while leg pressing.

I didn’t know Led Zeppelin was popular in Asia!


I know what I’m doing for my next workout.