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Insane Free-Climbing


Ever since seeing that video of the maintenance guy climbing the TV tower, I've been looking at youtube free-climbing videos. The combination of athleticism and BALLS on these guys is astounding.

Check this video out. This guy, Dan Osman (RIP), decided to take it one step further and practice "speed free-climbing"


Holy Shit!

2 things:
Who the fuck filmed it (must have been an even bigger bad-ass)?

(RIP) <-- Go figure...


Dan Osman was a nut case. Another guy who died doing stuff like that was Michael Reardon. They call it soloing when you climb without a rope.

Osman died doing a huge swing off of one of the Yosemite faces when he hit a tree. He put a big line over a canyon, then climbed out to the middle and swung off. Theres videos of him taking a razorblade to the rope too before he did some of them for the adrenaline rush.

Reardon died when he was soloing a sea cliff and a wave came and swept him off.

Not saying they were bad people, they just have that adrenaline addiction that makes them do crazy shit.

On a sexier note, heres a little documentary on Steph Davis climbing without a rope.:


Dude, this shit scares the hell out of me. I do some bouldering at indoor gyms for fun occasionally, but I can't imagine free climbing without a rope. You've got to have some serious balls for that. Seeing that dude in the first video do some jumps just makes me cringe. He must just go for it and not even think twice. I guess if you hesitate in situations like that it can mean your life.


That was one of the most incredible examples of human performance I have ever seen.


Oh. My. God. You seriously have to be crazy in the head to do shit like that. My heart beat just watching that was probably going faster than his in the video.


The dyno in that first vid at 1:12 is rediculous. I can't imagine pulling that shit off at 300'+ in the air.


Some people would say similar about bodybuilding.




I think this is closer to using a bench shirt and no spotters/no safety pins.


Is this guy an android?


Saw this a few years ago. A friend, who's a natural born climber, only said "That's pretty easy".

Awesome vid. Crazy balls and conditioning. Taking the stairs up that mountain at that pace would be impressive.


There is a fine line between being crazy/having balls and just plain stupid. I believe this guy is the latter.


C'mon man.



LOL...."scaling vertical wall at breakneck speed with no regard for personal safety" vs. "clinching striated, oil-lathered buttocks on stage". That's a tough one