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Insane Feeling Gains on Amrap

Figured it post it here since I don’t want to clutter the other subforums, but about 3 weeks ago I failed to do 1x5 on 205 deadlift… I reset like greyskull prescribed and now I’m at 200lbs for 11 reps in a row without a break. the only thing holding me back from doing more is my cardio. Pretty amazing how my 1 rep max went up 60lbs in less than 5 weeks.

talking to girls helped somehow lol (serious), getting active with girls has seemed to have a positive effect on me all around, perhaps it boosted my test levels somehow?

We will see how amrap continues to build my strength.

Wat the hell is AMRAP?

And I dunno about talking to “girls” could raise T-Lwvels but probably more like T is responsible for u doing it.

I also pray we’re taking about women vs girls here…

Are these humans of the opposite gender there while u lift? Cause that could be very motivational.

AMRAP sets are good sometimes, but your max went up by 60lbs because you’re a novice. It’s called Noob gains.