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Insane Feats of Strength Video


Hey guys!

Watch this video:

Now that I call strength!

(Maybe we should get out of the gym and pull up more often...)

I wonder how and how often these guys train.

What do you guys think of the video?


Damn impressive that's all I got to stay. His physique ain't half bad either. :stuck_out_tongue:


I always though the human flag was a cool trick. he must be a light guy to not break that tree, though.


The easy at which he does those muscle ups is ridiculous.


amazing relative body strength, i'm sure he's light (under 200lbs), some of those positions are scary from an biomechanical standpoint. However, is this not the strongman section??? Maybe it's just me, but unless there's some heavy object involved some how, it does not belong in this category, guess that's why people are complaining about this forum section. Good vid though.


Fucking gnarly


Never seen Livewire have you...I will see if I can dig him up.


He trains with your guy but he is just so much more powerful I think. Check out 3:25, Flag with a guy standing on his side! He is a FON.


I found a (very impressive) white free runner when I searched for 'Livewire' Your link doesn't work anymore so I was not able to see your movie post.

If "your guy" trains with "my guy" I want to see their training routine so we can all learn from them.


The guy in the first vid's name is Hannibal. He's got a few vids on youtube, and he's obviously really immpressive. Check out the Bartendaz for similar stuff.

I had never heard of Livewire but typed his name into youtube and this was the first vid that popped up-

That dude's bananas.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-oZEo3zSBI still not working?


Yep I watched it. thanks

and Yes, simply: 'Bananas'

That is some kick ass mass building diet he is eating in the video, by the way. :wink:




Why is this forum here?

Unless it's related to strongman it's in the wrong place.



Could you at least say where it should be then? It would help...


He's a man. He's strong. Where else are you going to put it?

I think some here are hating on this video because it lets them know just how weak they are.

This is an awesome vid, great motivation to do more bodyweight exercises. Thanks for posting this Fulldeplex.


The only place I can think of is Get a life forum. He is right though it shouldnt be in the strongman forum.


You're welcome. A little (weak) part of me hates this video too. :slight_smile:




VICIOUS. stop hating