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Insane Conditioning


Guys I came across this guy on fb.a friend aaked me to like his page.this guys relatively a beginner .but isnt his conditioning insane.so grainy and vascular.
what is he doing right .is he a genetic freak . hard worker (must be ) or juiced (doubt it ) or what .


Diet. The amount of muscle mass isn’t insane - good, but doable -, so the only impressive bit is his bodyfat %. And this is something you get by dieting correctly, not by juicing or using certain exercises.


I see…keto diet or carb cycling


Muscle mass is normal but bf % is impressive


[quote]bigkid_india wrote:
I see…keto diet or carb cycling [/quote]

Who knows? There are people who reach extremely low body fat percentages without ever going into or near ketosis, and who otherwise don’t embrace carb cycling per se. They just maintain a reasonable, sustained caloric deficit, are disciplined with their nutritional choices, and have a training and conditioning program commensurate with their physique goals.