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Insane Climbing!




thats balls.



I enjoyed this video. Watching live competitions is even more exhilarating cause you see the magnitude of the height and danger.


I can't believe he made that jump near the end! That was the craziest/bravest thing I've seen in a long time.


He died a couple of years ago jumping off a cliff with a climbing rope. Idiot called his wife and clipped the cell phone to his harness so she could hear him jump. The rope broke.


seriously? why?


My understanding is that the rope held the first time and he was fine. He left his ropes out two weeks in the weather and tried it a second time and one of the rope failed.


Ummm....Hi, I'm a dick...



The guy has soloed shit a lot harder than 5.7. Besides, it's not called Bears Reach for nothing. Didn't you see the two handed dyno? He has done this route lots of times and in one of the videos he misses the hold and as he is falling catches the hold he started at. Dan was a good guy who made Cave Rock a great place to crank at, and he will be missed greatly.


No disrepect intended.



You were right the first time.

He may have been a cool guy and an amazing athlete, but killing yourself doing a stupid stunt with your wife on the phone is dickish behavior.


Accidents happen when you live on the edge. that guy was amazing... I went climbing on a little face once and crapped my pants and got a whole new respect for climbing as a sport. Those guys are amazing.