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Insane Bodyweight Workout

guys that do this type of trainig are awsome… guys built, maybe not like arnold, but look at how agile and strong he is… awsome…

I liked the ghetto one better. This looks like some former HS gymnast doing nothing in particular.

Very impressive. these kinds of guys are the real 1%'s. I always think of these guys as gymnasts as well. they are close to being world class and the rest of us never will be able to do these things. I wish i could but that’s life. To think this is possible for most of us is unrealistic and these kinds of results will not filter down to 99% of us no matter how much bodyweight work we do.

Vast majority of us should be thankful we have iron to workout with. Body weight stuff is a great supplement and something to use to stay in shape when weights aren’t available.

You are half man, half chimpanzee