Insane Bench Presser!


Allen Baria Benching Bodyweight @ MHP Booth / Arnold Classic 2009 - YouTube
Bodyweight (275) 50 times

thats burly.

that’s sick


He needs to do the raw Hardcore Powerlifting stuff, that was even better than Brian Siders and Nick Winters, and I think he did those sets in the same day (at least the first two)!

holy crap.
I wonder what his max is…

That’s quite some power.

holy shitake

[quote]Zen Taco wrote:
holy crap.
I wonder what his max is…[/quote]

Gotta be over 600.

Easily 600, I assume closer to 700. Shyt his bench in the same as my squat…

that’s ridonkulous

Well guys, it’s negated by the fact that he benches on Mondays. Had it been any other day of the week it would have been a glorious accomplishment.


Thats is fucking marevolous.

He needs to compete in a raw meet.